Foxwood Corporate Apartments’ Comfortable Housing Alleviates Business Trip Disasters

Looking for corporate housing in San Diego that’s comfortable, convenient, and completely refreshing?

San Diego’s Foxwood Corporate Apartments has all the above in addition to many corporate perks.

Here are just a few ways you can enjoy the corporate housing here at Foxwood Corporate Apartments and alleviate many headaches that pop up on business trips.

Peaceful Resort Setting = Increased Creativity

You can relax on your business trip to San Diego. It’s easy when you have paradise outside your front door! Foxwood Corporate Apartments is situated on 5 acres of stunning greenbelt garden park.

In the center of our apartments, you’ll find the year-round heated pool and spa surrounded by lounge chairs and a special barbecue area. You can swim laps after work, relax in the Jacuzzi, or order a team-building barbecue for all to enjoy. Our peaceful environment at Foxwood Apartments will boost creativity amongst your corporate team!

On Site Parking and Convenient Location

Whether you’re taking public transportation or renting a car for your corporate commutes, Foxwood Corporate Apartments has a convenient location. Located across the street from the 933 bus stop, you can hop on and be at the nearest trolley station in just 10 minutes. Foxwood Apartments is also just one block away from I-805 and eight blocks away from I-5, which allows you to get on the freeway quickly from our on-site parking lot.

Many Corporate Apartment

You’ll have everything you could possibly ask for in your corporate housing package. With free Wi-Fi access, lots of workspace, and available copy and fax services, you can work remotely from your corporate apartment. Maid service is also available. Take a look at our corporate apartment package for a complete list of amenities you’ll enjoy while staying at Foxwood Apartments.

Contact us today to get started on the easy application process. We look forward to your visit to San Diego!

Another Day in Paradise with San Diego’s Foxwood Military Housing

With a comforting place to call home in San Diego, temporary military duty isn’t so bad here! Whether you’re traveling to San Diego for military assignments, training, or deployments, there is a wonderful, fully furnished military home waiting for you at Foxwood Apartments.

At Foxwood Apartments, we have 130 one- and two-bedroom military apartments that are ideal for military trips alone or with a family. Surrounded by 5 acres of beautiful greenbelt garden park, it’s hard to find a reason NOT to like our peaceful paradise! A relaxing oasis can be yours during a military assignment in San Diego.

In addition to relaxation, talk about convenience! Our military housing has an ideal location for commuting to the Naval bases and military areas of San Diego or sightseeing around downtown San Diego and West Coast beaches. With a location just minutes away from the 32nd Street Naval Base and Coronado Island, you’ll have the best of both worlds: an easy commute and better living conditions than the dreaded barracks!

At Foxwood Apartments, we also like to provide our special guests and stationed duty officers with everything they may need during their stay. Make sure you check out a full list of amenities that will be available to you during your stay in our one- and two-bedroom furnished military apartments.

In addition to many amenities, you’ll have nothing to worry about with our quick application procedure. With our fast and easy application process, you could be approved for your military accommodations in just a few days. On top of our speedy application procedures, we also offer our military guests a special discounted military rate as a thank you for serving our country. Please visit us online for more details about our Navy housing and military discount! We look forward to housing you in our special off base military housing during your military duty in San Diego.

Take a Daytrip from San Diego to Disneyland, The Happiest Place on Earth!

Disneyland is certainly a magical place. As California’s first theme park, Disneyland opened in 1956 and has continually added new attractions and interactive games and activities to reinforce its fun-filled ambiance and enchanting essence.

If you’re planning a trip for two or a family vacation, Disneyland is a wonderful choice. Just 2 hours away from San Diego, you’ll be at Disneyland in a relatively short time! Pack up the family and check out these wonderful attractions that are waiting for you at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Fantasyland’s Alice in Wonderland

Fall down the rabbit hole with Alice and explore Alice in Wonderland at Disneyland’s Fantasyland. This dark ride glides you through Alice’s journey in the Disney film. At the end of the ride, you’ll have to take a spin in one of the famous Mad Hatter teacups. This is one of the most famous rides in all of Disneyland!

Meet Mickey at his House

Take a tour of Mickey’s home and see how this extraordinary mouse lives! Following the house tour is a meet and greet with Mickey Mouse himself where you can get your picture taken with Mickey. This attraction is great for kids, teenagers, and adults; no one is too old for Mickey Mouse!

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Get ready for a wild ride! Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is an indoor/outdoor roller coaster that depicts a speeding mine train! You’ll be whipping through the dimly lit caverns and rounding the jagged mountains of this spooky ride… while screaming at the top of your lungs! For an exciting adventure, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is an excellent choice.


Start your engines and put the petal to the metal at Disneyland’s Autopia! Cruise along in race cars on a miniature motorway. For a thrilling ride along the track, put your kid in the driver seat and hang on tight! Autopia is the perfect ride for a younger thrill-seeker.

Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes

The Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes ride is an extremely rare gem of the Disneyland Park in Anaheim. As the only Disneyland ride to be powered by park visitors, the free-floating canoe allows you to paddle around Pirate’s Liar with up to 20 people! For a lot of adventure and a little work, you can have an unbelievable canoeing experience at Disneyland!

Space Mountain

3, 2, 1, BLASTOFF! Space Mountain is a fast-paced, space-themed indoor roller coaster at Disneyland’s Tomorrowland. As the second roller coaster to be built at Disneyland, Space Mountain offers each and every guest an out-of-this-world experience… before landing gracefully at the start of the ride. This is definitely a must-see with teenagers or a more grown-up crowd.

Fireworks at Disneyland Park

Your Disneyland experience wouldn’t be complete without an evening sky filled with fireworks. High above Sleeping Beauty Castle, watch for these fireworks as the times change seasonally and along with the holidays. For a captivating end to your daytrip to Disneyland, you’ll love the Fireworks Display at Disneyland Park.

Here is a sneak peek at Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes mentioned above!

Photo Credit: Aaron Fulkerson

San Diego Housing Alternatives

Housing Alternatives While Your New Home Is In Escrow

An escrow period is when the ownership of the newly purchased home has not been transferred to you yet. The period starts after you make the down payment for your property, as agreed upon by both you and the seller. During the escrow period, the third party company, which has collected your down payment, coordinates the conditions of the agreement. It means that you would have to perform timely duties like transferring the required amount of funds, presenting and signing documents, paying all bills, conducting inspections, and completing other related processes.


The escrow period may last between thirty to forty five days, after which you may legally take possession of your home. It will give you plenty of time to get your loan approved, while simultaneously deciding whether it is a good idea to continue with the purchase. However, during this time, you may not be able move into your new home, as the formalities may have not been completed. At the same time, both you and the seller will have to be available to perform your respective duties, so traveling is not much of an option too.

It may prove to be a huge problem for home buyers though as some of them may not have a place to stay during the escrow period. Some buyers choose to enter into an agreement with the sellers to move into the house as tenants during this period. However, such agreements are usually tricky, as they involve a lot of legal issues, which can add more responsibilities on the part of the buyer. Also, if due to some reason, the escrow does not close, the buyer may be evicted, leaving him/her with no place to stay.

If your house is in escrow, you may consider one of the following temporary housing alternatives.

Stay at a hotel

  •  Pros: The facilities provided in a hotel can make your stay comfortable, depending upon the kind of hotel. You will get timely breakfast, room service and access to certain indoor as well as outdoor facilities offered by the hotel. Another huge plus point is that you will not have to take care of your room. Your kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms will be cleaned and maintained without you having to take any effort.
  • Cons: The price of staying in hotels is generally much steeper than any other alternative. You may have to live with just a limited amount of supplies that you may be carrying with yourself.

Stay with a friend

  •  Pros: The cost is not as high as the price you would pay while staying in a hotel. You may have to pay a part of your friend’s rent. A major benefit is having good company, which ensures that you do not need to adjust much.
  • Cons: A good friend may not be a good roommate. It may be difficult to confront your friend about his or her habits during your stay. It can strain your relationship and hamper your bond with them.

Move in with family

  •  Pros: You can save the money, which you would have otherwise spent on rent. Also, as you will be staying with your family, they may take care of most of your needs. It could become a great opportunity to spend quality time with your family members.
  • Cons: When sharing the space with parents, siblings or other family members, there is a huge possibility of confrontations and conflicts regarding past issues. Also, there are chances that you may lose a lot of your privacy. It could lead to resentment, which can be detrimental to all people involved.

Rent a house

  •  Pros: Renting a house holds the landlords responsible with the repairs and maintenance of utilities as well as appliances.
  • Cons: Having a bad landlord is a possibility, which can make the entire stay a bad experience. You would have to deal with limited personalization and the behavior of your neighbors. The biggest disadvantage to this option would be the possibility of being locked into a lease that exceeds the time you need, such as a 1-year lease.


A considerable alternative

 For many people whose houses are in escrow, a good housing alternative is to live in a pre-furnished apartment, such as those offered by Foxwood Corporate Apartments. These apartments offer comfortable temporary housing with flexible plans allowing month-to-month rentals. As the apartments are pre-furnished, you would not need to invest in bedsheets, dishes and other such essentials, but you will still have a place you can call you own.

San Diego’s Bus & Trolley Schedule Makes Summer Sightseeing so Simple

It’s vacation time and the last thing you need to be worried about is how you’re going to get around town! San Diego, known as America’s Finest City, has a multitude of wonderful events all around the county. If you were here last weekend, you may have caught a glimpse of San Diego’s International Comic Convention that brings in thousands of visitors from all over the world.

San Diego is easily accessible using the local bus and trolley system that can take you anywhere from downtown San Diego to East County. You can ride around town leisurely without having to fuss over complex directions or pay a boatload of cash for rising gas prices and expensive car rentals.

The San Diego bus and trolley schedule is very convenient, so you’ll be on your way to your designated destination in no time at all. For the best of convenience, affordability, and efficiency, you can’t go wrong with San Diego’s public transportation.

It’s a cinch to use the San Diego bus and trolley system while you’re staying at Foxwood Corporate Apartments. The 933 bus station is located just across the street on Delcardo Avenue; all you need to do is scurry across the street and you’ll be in line for the next bus! The 933 bus stops around town at shopping centers, restaurants, and movie theaters along the way but you’ll arrive at the Palm Avenue Trolley Station in minutes. From there, the opportunities are endless! You’ll have San Diego’s finest attractions accessible whenever you’d like.

For more information about our accommodations at Foxwood Apartments, or an interactive trolley map, please visit us online. We also have San Diego bus and trolley schedules available for you so that you’ll always know when the next bus or trolley is on its way.

Consider taking San Diego’s public transportation and enjoy the best parts of America’s Finest City while you relax on your vacation. We look forward to your stay in sunny San Diego!