Navy Fighter Jet Pilots Fly at the Miramar Air Show

The Marine Corps announced late last week that the annual Miramar Air Show would have a special guest performance this year, the U.S. Navy’s talented Blue Angels. The blue-and-gold flight demonstration squadron consists of a Navy aviator team with the exception of one Marine Corps pilot.

The Blue Angels, formed in 1946, are the oldest flying aerobatic team. Participating in over 70 shows in 34 locations all around the United States, the Blue Angels are notorious for their breath-taking shows. The team will perform in their F/A-18 Hornet fighter jets along with a Marine Corps C-130 Hercules cargo plane also known as “Fat Albert.”

The Marine Corps Air Station in Miramar will host its air show from September 30th to October 2nd in honorable salute to San Diego for being the birthplace of naval aviation and continuing to contribute to naval aviation for the past 100 years.

Other air show performances will be the Air Force F-16 Falcons, the Marine Corps’ AV-8B Harrier jumper jets, and the Army’s Golden Knights parachute team.

San Diego Expects Warship Essex for Repairs and Upgrades

The amphibious warship Essex, also known as “Iron Gator,” will be moving from its station in Japan to San Diego in the very beginning of the new year for a huge maintenance overhaul.

Originally, Essex was expected to arrive at General Dynamics NASSCO in San Diego this year but the date had to be rescheduled.

Essex has been a tremendous strength to the U.S. Navy and has become the most high-profile asset of the Navy in Asia. The Essex was asked to stay in Asia after its scheduled departure during the time of the disastrous earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in April.

The 844 foot Iron Gator will be released from humanitarian relief duties in February and will be coming to San Diego for a dry dock overhaul. The Navy’s Southwest Regional Maintenance Center will be taking a year to plan the Essex’s overhaul and the exact dates of repair. As of right now, the dry dock in San Diego NASSCO will be unavailable until the end of October.

The ship that will be bringing relief to Essex is also a very special Navy ship. The San Diego-based Bonhomme Richard will be performing a hull swap in which the sailors of Essex will continue their deployment in Japan with the Bonhomme Richard and the sailors of Bonhomme Richard will stay stationed in San Diego.

Day Tripper: Spend a Day in Temecula’s Wineries

Temecula is a combination of nature, old history, and new beginnings. To name just a few of the attractions in Temecula you can go hiking, horseback riding, catch a hot-air balloon ride, visit the award-winning wineries, or indulge in guilt-free shopping. The drive from San Diego to Temecula is just shy of 60 miles so why not have some fun for the day and head up to Temecula to see what Riverside county’s new-world wines are all about.

If you come earlier in the day, a hot-air balloon ride or bi-plane adventure would be amazing! The fantastic weather gives you a smooth ride and allows you to enjoy the Temecula vineyards from a whole new perspective… from above! Some great air balloon companies to check out are California Dreamin’ and Sunrise Balloon.

The main attraction of Temecula has to be the vineyards. I can’t even begin to mention all the marvelous wineries that are packed into this town. For a better description of wine tours, self-guided tours, and more, visit the Temecula Valley Winegrowers Association for their list of wineries to visit depending on the type of wines you like and the length of time you’ll be in Temecula.

Other activities that are over-the-top in Temecula are the perfect golf courses and romantic horseback riding lessons. But that’s not all, the Old Town Temecula is crawling with historic facts and fun shops. If you need a nice souvenir, Old Town would be the place to get it.

Temecula is a place that everyone should visit… with the wine, golf, hot-air balloons, and more, I don’t know if I’d ever come back!

What makes this San Diego SEAL guilty of battery?

Last Thursday, a Navy SEAL stationed in San Diego was charged for a drunken rampage along the Vegas strip which wounded eight people. The guilty SEAL, Luke Shawley attended the week-long trial without saying a word; the verdict concluded guilty verdicts on 7 counts of battery.

The whole nightmare began when Shawley was caught on surveillance video footage swinging a pipe around wildly. He injured eight of the employees that worked at the bar as well as street walkers. Three of the wounded went to the hospital and another was knocked unconscious. As Shawley’s lawyers tried to counteract the video clip, they claimed that Shawley had been drugged with Ecstasy and had around 30 alcoholic beverages that same night. Once more evidence of Shawley’s hair had been taken and no traces of Ecstasy were found, it was apparently clear that this case was going to be found guilty.

Luke Shawley will be facing up to fifteen years in prison and will be beginning the process ofdischarge with the U.S. Navy.

How to Stay Cool in Your Apartment

Everyone enjoys a warm summer afternoon… but sometimes the heat can be a bit overbearing. To keep cool during those scorching hot San Diego days, here are some great tips to keep you from boiling up in your apartment.

• Invest in some fans. Although you may have air conditioning in your apartment, having a fan on will help circulate the AC throughout the whole space and freshen up the room.

• Take a cold shower. Spending some time under really cold water is better than any air conditioner on earth. A quick cold shower will make you feel alert and ready to go even in the sweltering heat.

• Keep doors closed to areas that aren’t currently in use. Keeping the bathroom or bedroom doors closed while they aren’t being used will really help keep the main room cooler and keep the AC in the main house instead of the excess space.

• Avoid the stove. When summer temperatures rise, the best thing to do is stick with lighter, already prepared foods for dinner instead of cooking on the stove. Salads, sandwiches, and fruit are great alternatives to hot and heavy meal choices.

• Stay hydrated. Drinking water or making popsicles are essential on hot summer days. Be healthy and keep cool with tons of liquids and popsicle treats.

• Swim. If you can’t get your apartment to cool off, go to the pool and swim a few laps. It may help to spend the day out there and just a take a dip whenever you feel like it’s getting too hot.