San Diego is Full of Navy Vessels, USS Gary Returns & USS Cowpens Visits

San Diego NavyWith deployment cancellations and Naval ship returns, there is an abundance of Naval vessels docked in San Diego. USS Gary, the San Diego-based frigate, arrived at San Diego’s port on Friday. After six months in Central and South America, USS Gary was happy to come home from a very successful deployment.

The Perry-class frigate Gary participated in an independent deployment called Operation Martillo, a drug-fighting mission that spans multiple nations. During Operation Martillo, USS Gary was successful in capturing 2,200 pounds of cocaine on one mission, creating a new record for the largest drug seizure the ship has ever seen. The USS Gary along with its onboard crew of a U.S. Coast Guard detachment participated in nine separate operations that confiscated a total of 12,000 pounds of cocaine with a street value nearing $388 million.

During its deployment, USS Gary also arrested ten suspects, sank four drug-trafficking ships, and helped clean and paint schools in Costa Rica, Panama City, and Golfito, according to Navy officials.

Another Naval ship is also returning to San Diego today. The cruiser USS Cowpens is making its way back to the United States after being deployed in Japan since 2000. Cowpens helped Japan with the earthquake and tsunami that devastated their country in 2011. USS Cowpens will now begin training and operations within the Eastern Pacific Third Fleet territory.

The homeport of San Diego will continue to see an increase of Naval vessels in the next few weeks. Scheduled deployments for USS Rentz and attack submarine Jefferson City have been canceled as an effect of the budget cuts. Along with these two ships, frigate USS Thach will also be in San Diego shortly. Thach is returning to San Diego early from its Southern Command deployment due to budget cuts.

Although the future is uncertain for these Naval ships, they will always have a home in San Diego. Look for more Navy ships coming to San Diego in the future, there will be more returning from deployments in the months ahead.

House Plants that Thrive for Apartment Living

indoor plants

A house plant adds a lot of character to your living space. Liven up your apartment with a few green plants that will thrive in smaller places, there are so many unique types of plants with unique shapes and beautiful blooms that won’t need a ton of maintenance.

For a personal touch to any apartment, consider these smaller house plants to transform your space into something a bit more lively.

Asparagus Fern: The Asparagus Fern is popular as an indoor plant. Its vibrant green leaves look great sitting on your windowsill. Moderate to full sunlight is sufficient for this full fern.

Parlor Palm: The parlor palm goes by the official name Chamaedorea Elegans and only needs a small amount of sunlight, which is great in an apartment setting. The parlor fern does well with regular waterings whenever the soil is dry. It’s the perfect choice for a house plant if your apartment doesn’t see much sun.

Succulents: Especially in a warmer climate like San Diego, succulents are great with full to moderate sunlight, little water, and minimal attention. These little plants come in all shapes and sizes that are easy to manage with your apartment lifestyle.

Rubber Plant: This plant comes with a vivid pop of color. Also know as Ficus Robusta, the rubber plant has rich burgundy leaves that create a contrast when paired with other plants. The rubber plant also acts as an air purifier, taking pollutants out of the air.

Baby Toes: This funky little house plant is a cute addition to any apartment. Baby Toes, also called Fenestraria Rhopalophylla, is a green bubble-looking plant with a single yellow flower bloom. Great as a stand-alone plant or as part of a group, Baby Toes is a quaint apartment plant that does well in moderate sunlight.

With a little effort and some sun, these house plants will thrive in your apartment. Pick one up today to try something different with your living space!

Temporarily Treat Yourself to Luxury San Diego Apartments at Foxwood

Get swept away by the alluring beach scenes of sunny San Diego, If you want to come to San Diego for a temporary getaway, it’s always nice to stay in a true resort style setting. The alluring country club atmosphere of Foxwood Corporate Apartments is the perfect place for a temporary stay in San Diego.

From the immaculate gardens to the large shade trees, the beautiful greenbelt garden park surrounding Foxwood Apartments will convert you to vacation mode instantly. The heated pool and spa are also accessible to guests at any time and they’ll be located just steps away from your front door.

Our temporary apartments are just as stunning as the lush green scenery outside. All of the one- and two-bedroom temporary apartments are spacious with fantastic views that allow lots of natural sunlight to brighten up your living space.

The full-size kitchen is equipped with all the cookware, dishware, and appliances you’ll need for everyday living and home-cooked meal preparation. There’s also a TV and DVD player in the living room that’s great for movie nights, watching the morning news, and catching your favorite shows while on vacation. Foxwood Corporate Apartments provides you with many amenities; click here to view a complete list of apartment features.

For a temporary stay in luxurious accommodations, no one compares to San Diego’s Foxwood Apartments. With convenient on-site parking and quick access to freeways, laundry amenities and weekly maid service, and designer-decorated apartments, Foxwood Corporate Apartments has it all. Treat yourself to an unforgettable stay in San Diego, with Foxwood Apartments, you’ll enjoy every second of your special getaway to America’s Finest City. For more information, visit us online today!

San Diego Bus & Trolley Schedules Allow You to Live like a Local

San Diego trolleyFast, convenient, and cheap transportation? Sign me up! The bus and trolley system of San Diego is thriving with its updated trolley line routes and bus and trolley schedules. You can get to just about everywhere in San Diego using the buses and trolleys. You’ll also love the convenience of staying with Foxwood Apartments, which happens to be located just across the street from the bus station.

With the help of San Diego’s public transportation, you can see many different places in and around San Diego. The San Diego Naval bases, downtown San Diego, Mission Valley, shopping centers and beaches are all accessible using the buses and trolleys! All you have to do is hop on and navigate your way around San Diego’s distinct districts and neighborhoods.

Not only will you have a relaxing and enjoyable ride through San Diego, you’ll also love the price! Daily and monthly passes will allow you to save a lot of money for unlimited access to San Diego County’s transportation. Discounted passes can be purchased at any Vons supermarket or trolley station. Once you have your pass for the day, you can travel all over San Diego… and even to the Tijuana/U.S. border!

If you’ve been living in San Diego without public transportation, you have been missing out. The fast and affordable San Diego buses and trolleys will ensure your trip to San Diego runs smoothly. Live like a local and take the public transportation of America’s Finest City. For more information, please check out Foxwood Apartments’ public transportation section for maps, schedules, and much more.

Navy Ship Removal from Philippine Reef Proves Damaging

The USS Guardian has finally been removed from a protected coral reef in the South Western Philippines. The last large portion of the U.S. Navy minesweeper was removed on Saturday as a crane lifted the 250-ton stern of the USS Guardian. The USS Guardian has been stuck on the Philippines Reef since January 17th.

The USS Guardian was reportedly on its way to Indonesia when the incident occurred. After a refueling break in Subic Bay of Manila, USS Guardian strayed more than three miles into an off-limits area located offshore just before it hit the coral reef.

The damage that the USS Guardian caused to the protected coral reef is still under examination as Naval officials stated. The final assessment of damage will be determined this week by a team of American and Filipino experts. A fine will be paid by Washington to heal these costly wounds and repair relationships with American allies of Asia.

The Philippine reef that was damaged is located about 400 miles southwest of Manila. As a World Heritage site of UNESCO, the reef is protected as part of the Tubbataha National Marine Park in the Sulu Sea. The initial damage was estimated to cover about 4,000 square meters of the coral reef and, according to Tubbataha Park’s superintendent Angelique Songco, the estimate should be fairly accurate.

Songco stated that the fine would be roughly $600 per square meter that would add up to a $2 million fine for the United States. The fine would be given to a fund to help the reef rehabilitate its currently damaged areas.

Although the Philippine government has not agreed to terms with the U.S. government, the Philippine Secretary indirectly responded to questions concerning the reef: “There must be accountability and we will enforce our existing laws.” The fines and policies that have been in place will take precedence in this situation.

The U.S. and Navy Ambassador of Manila, Harry K. Thomas, has apologized for this accidental situation and continually promises to cooperate with damages and relationships. USS Guardian’s mangled parts will be taken to a Navy facility located in Sasebo, Japan, where the scraps will be separated into reusable materials and scrap metal.