10 Tips for a Stress-Free Business Trip to San Diego -#9 May Urge You to Stay Longer

If your job involves a lot of traveling, chances are that you are stressed out and don’t even have a clue. Stress can lead to anxiety and bad decisions, so it’s imperative that you feel relaxed and “great” during your business trip and stay at corporate apartments in San Diego.

Business travel can sound like a lot of excitement and fun, as you are going on an all-expenses-paid trip, but according to an HBR research, business travel is highly stressful. The survey of 7400 frequently traveling business managers suggested that medium and top level executives face the most amount of stress while traveling. The stress levels were found to rise sharply during trip preparation, departure and flight, come down at landing, and rose again at the destination.

The US business travel industry is expected to expand to more than $280 billion this year. According to the figures compiled by US Travel, each dollar spent on business travel has yielded $2.90 in profits. In order for business travel to be equally rewarding, stress-free and healthful for you, the traveler, it is important that you know the stressors associated with the different phases of your business travel, and take measures to stay relaxed during those phases.

Before You Travel

1. TSA Pre: Unless you are going traveling at the spur of the moment for an emergency meeting, you’ll have plenty of time for packing your bag and making preparations. Make sure to check if the airport you are traveling from offers TSA Pre-Check Security Clearance. TSA has started extending this service at almost all major airports for almost all major airlines. For an $85 registration fee, you will be taken through security queues quickly and allowed to ‘keep your shoes on’, as the TSA website suggests.

2. Packing Your Stuff: If you don’t want to go through the frustration of missing a vital item when you unpack your luggage at the San Diego corporate apartments, you should finish packing at least two days before you board your flight. Visualize your trip, your flight, your stay at corporate San Diego apartments, your meetings and business activities, entertainment and pack everything that you think you’ll need. In the two days that you have before you leave home, you’ll remember many things that you haven’t packed.

While You Travel

3. Be Early: Arriving half hour too early wouldn’t harm you nearly as much as being half minute too late. This applies to your flight, train or bus times as well as your meetings. Plan to reach everywhere early to free yourself from the anxiety of getting late.

4. Use Your Phone: Other than snapping selfies, your cell phone can be used for many other useful purposes. You can really derive value from your phone while you’re traveling. There are plenty of mobile apps out there which can help you do everything from booking a plane seat to reserving a corporate San Diego apartment. You can also take pictures of your luggage, travel documents and your parking lot to relieve the stress of having to remember everything.

5. During Flight: Long-haul flights can sap your energy and stress you out. Other than watching your favorite movie and trying to doze off, you can try “tapping”. It’s an exercise in which you tap the “acupuncture points” in your body to relieve stress and adjust your body rhythm. Keep doing in-flight exercises, like stretching your legs, moving your feet, rotating and moving your neck, with regular intervals to relieve the tension in your muscles and keep them relaxed. Doing these exercises will keep you fresh and you’ll be free of jet lag when you arrive at your corporate apartment in San Diego.

In San Diego

6. Stay at Corporate San Diego Apartments: Hotel stay can be more stressful than staying at a San Diego corporate apartment. Hotels are glitzy and artificial, which makes them unlike a home away from home. A fully furnished and serviced apartment gives you a homely feel and helps you unwind in a private atmosphere. San Diego corporate apartments are located in a country club style community offering facilities such as a swimming pool, health club and spa.

7. Make time for Fun: Regardless of how serious the nature of your business trip may be, you must make out for fun. Go dancing, swimming, surfing, boating, or go to a club or theater or even the Zoo. Such entertainment activities will take your mind off the stressful trip and you’ll be feeling great by the time you come back to your corporate apartment in San Diego.

8. Go for Light Exercise: Your corporate San Diego apartment puts you in the middle of an enchanting and serene landscape. Whenever you have time, put on those sneakers and step out for a stroll. The beautiful San Diego weather makes it a pleasure to venture outdoor regardless of what time of the year it may be.

9. Go to the Beach: Pacific Beach and Mission Beach are two of the most festive beaches in California. Crowds of young partygoers, surfers and families make these beaches come alive for most part of the day and night. If you are living close to the beach, you should stroll down to the seaside and let the splendor of the sprawling ocean calm your frayed nerves. The beauty and activity here holds you captive, urging you to stay longer.

10. Getting Around: You must know how to get around and reach your meeting or conference venue. The corporate San Diego apartments are located very close to bus and train terminals and provide ample parking space for your car. Make yourself conversant with different bus and train routes and consult the city map on your cell phone to reach everywhere without hassle or stress.

On Your Way Back

The stress levels start to subside as you head back home. However, you must make sure that you don’t leave any of your belongings behind in your San Diego corporate apartment. Pack everything carefully and reach the airport well in time.

If you followed some of the tips in this article, chances are that you would like to stay at the corporate apartments in San Diego next time. However, feeling great on a business trip also depends on whether or not you achieved the objectives of your trip. We wish you a successful and stress-free business trip to San Diego. Do let us know in your comments how it went.