Added Convenience for your Busy Schedule with the San Diego Bus & Trolley

bus and trolley schedule

San Diego is a big and busy city. Paired with your hectic schedule, it’s easy to see that there is not enough time in the day to see and do it all. If you’re looking to add a little free time to your schedule, why not try the San Diego bus and trolley system? If you’ve been staying with Foxwood Corporate Apartments, the convenience of public transportation is literally right under your nose!

At Foxwood Corporate Apartments, we are located just across the street from the 933 bus station. Once you board the 933 bus, you’ll be on your way through town to the Palm Avenue trolley station. From the trolley, you can reach pretty much any mark on San Diego’s map, and the additional time sitting on the trolley will allow you to catch up on reading, make phone calls, or respond to emails. If you incorporate the San Diego bus and trolley into your schedule, you will feel so accomplished and put together for the New Year, just by having a little free time during your commute can save you hours every week.

Foxwood Corporate Apartments wants to ensure that you have the best temporary stay in San Diego, with the help of San Diego’s bus and trolley system, you’ll never have to be stuck without a ride. For more information about San Diego’s bus and trolley schedule, maps, and timetables, please visit our Public Transportation section of our website. Let Foxwood Corporate Apartments help you get premium housing with the convenience of public transportation across the street, check out our photos and video gallery on our website as well!