Alternative Ways to Introduce Healthy Living to your Apartment Lifestyle

In America, we’ve quickly found that shedding a few pounds and adapting healthier eating habits are very important to combat growing obesity issues. Sometimes, different eating styles and food philosophies seep into our culture and make an impact on the way we live.

Vegetarians, vegans, and eating local are all alternative diets to introduce a healthier way of living into your apartment lifestyle.


Vegetarianism is becoming a new trend to follow in health habits. The Vegetarian Resource Group conducted a survey and found that approximately 9 million Americans do not eat any fish, meat, or poultry. This increase in the amount of vegetarians has a positive effect on the body as well as internal energy levels. Key nutrients found in meat can also be found in soy-based products, nuts, or legumes.


There are about 2 million vegans living in the United States and their healthy lifestyles exclude meats, dairy products, eggs, and animal-based clothing like wool and leather. This extreme way of living ‘au natural’ gets your body to thrive on life’s essentials like grains, rice, broccoli, fruits, beans, and other natural products. Going vegan is tough at first but the health benefits are visible within weeks, making this switch to vegan living very rewarding.

Shopping & Eating Local

Support the local community and reap the benefits of fresher, better tasting foods. San Diego is full of farmer’s markets and organic grocery stores that sell locally grown foods, fruits, and vegetables. Visit San Diego markets to find eclectic goods and super foods that you can’t get elsewhere.

If you choose to alter your diet to a healthier way of living, vegetarians, vegans, and local shoppers all took the step towards bettering their health. Do the same by trying out these new healthy lifestyles that are completely plausible for apartment living.

Photo Credit: Martin Cathrae