Apartment Living: Help with Less-Than-Perfect Roommates

Many of us have the best of intentions when living with a roommate. We often think that the bonding experience of living together will bring us closer to one another. Sometimes a roommate living situation does create lifelong friendships, however, there’s always potential for the classic roommate issues. Here are some ways to avoid those inevitable roommate issues or mend some recurring problems:

The 24-Hour Roommate

No matter what time of day it is, your roommate always seems to be there. You can quickly become bothered by the lack of personal space. It’s natural to need your own time to have the apartment to yourself. If your roommate is a bit anti-social, try to bring them out of their shell by introducing him/her to your friends or take him/her to the park or a night out downtown. Hopefully this will allow you to get some time alone. If not, you might need to sit down with your roommate and discuss the importance of having your own time at the apartment.

The Messy Roommate

While a few dirty dishes and disarray can be tolerable, you know you have a problem when you find your roommate’s dirty clothes strewn throughout the apartment. If you find yourself to be the only one vacuuming, taking out the trash, and cleaning up messes that were never yours to begin with, it’s time to have a talk with your roommate and come up with a solution to his or her messy habits. Arrange a cleaning schedule and stick to it. With a clear plan of a clean future, your apartment will morph back to its organized state.

The Borrowing Roommate

When you live within close quarters, it’s natural that some things are shared. But, tempers may flair over who ate your last granola bar or why all your clothes are missing from your closet. If your roommate takes things without asking or borrows without returning, it’s time to reach out and talk about the things you’ve been missing and the constant need to borrow. Take the time to go out for coffee and have a calm discussion about the matter. Chances are that your roommate had forgotten and things will be returned when borrowed in the future.

Communication can go a long way with roommate battles. Always remember to talk before things get too out of hand. With these solutions, we hope you and your roommate can continue to become close and share an enjoyable living experience.