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Unsettled Conflict Concerning LCS Problems

The United States senators have been debating the issue and importance of the U.S. Navy’s construction and need of the littoral combat ships that have cost a lot of money and have much need for more repairs.

The situation arose after the first LCS to be built was sent back to San Diego for repairs on its cracked hull. The other littoral combat ship, USS Independence, has been concerned with an aggressive corrosion of the propulsion system that will also need some repair to fix and much more to discover the cause of the problem and correct it.

Unfortunately, the U.S. senators are asking for more verification as to why tax money is being drained into these large and pricey ships without having the benefit of the actual ship’s functions and capabilities. The littoral combat ships are experiencing the trial and errors that any new warship would undergo after being built; the only major concern would be costly repairs that have doubled since the project began and may exceed the amount necessary to buy all the other ships that are in demand as well.

However, many problems have been able to be discovered as isolated issues that can be fixed easily the next time they are constructed. For example, the cracked hull of the USS Freedom was due to poor welding procedures as well as the USS Independence’s corrosion issue that has been determined to have a simple solution.

The LCS program has been in effect for about ten years and has cost the United States billions of dollars to pursue the development of littoral combat ships, a different type of warship that has never been created before of which can reach speeds of 40 knots, 10 knots faster than any other U.S. cruiser or destroyer ship.

Littoral combat ships are light and easy to manage in the water which would be planned to replace mine-countermine ships and patrol ships close to the coast. Other tasks of these special littoral combat ships includes the ability to follow submarines, locate mines, and attack enemy ships in low, coastal waters.

Although these vessels may be criticized for high costs and not enough performance qualities, the littoral combat ships are experiencing a few setbacks while also discovering new ways to cut costs and fix repairs so that they will never happen again.