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Ways to Keep your Apartment Cool this Summer in San Diego

Beat the heat in your apartment with these fun ways to keep you cool under the San Diego sun. Without blasting the AC and receiving a large electric bill, try some of these solutions to keep summer heat away and save some money!

1. Fans

Fans are one of the best ways to cool off your apartment on a hot, summer day. By circulating the air around your apartment, a fan can create a breeze that pulls the air through a room allowing it to stay cool. Ceiling fans are also wonderful as they’re cost efficient and very effective at creating a nice draft. Rather than sitting in front of a fan, set up two fans that will get a nice breeze circulating through the room. This is the best way to keep your apartment cool with fans.

2. Ice Cold Drinks

A great way to keep yourself cool during the summer is to have an ice cold drink! Beat the heat from the inside out with a refreshing drink on hot afternoons. Popsicles, frozen snacks, and fruit will also do the trick. So, fix yourself a cold snack or beverage and cool yourself from within.

3. Don’t Overuse your Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is the most expensive way to keep your apartment cool, however, using the AC sparingly will definitely make a difference in the coolness of your apartment without hurting your wallet too much. Use the air conditioning about an hour before bed or for an hour during the day. Just a little bit of cool air goes a long way! Give your apartment the instant relief it needs without running the AC all day long.

4. Keep Windows Covered

When sunlight enters your apartment, it quickly turns to heat. To avoid unnecessary heat, invest in thick blinds or curtains that will help to keep your rooms cool. Allow a few windows to bring in some light but cover the rest; your apartment will feel much cooler by blocking out this unnecessary attraction of heat.

5. Turn off Electronics

Electronics can generate heat quickly. To avoid overusing your electronics and creating more heat in your apartment than necessary, simply turn off the electronics that are not in use. You will notice a difference in temperature as soon as you get into the routine of unplugging your appliances and electronics.

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Apartment Living: Help with Less-Than-Perfect Roommates

Many of us have the best of intentions when living with a roommate. We often think that the bonding experience of living together will bring us closer to one another. Sometimes a roommate living situation does create lifelong friendships, however, there’s always potential for the classic roommate issues. Here are some ways to avoid those inevitable roommate issues or mend some recurring problems:

The 24-Hour Roommate

No matter what time of day it is, your roommate always seems to be there. You can quickly become bothered by the lack of personal space. It’s natural to need your own time to have the apartment to yourself. If your roommate is a bit anti-social, try to bring them out of their shell by introducing him/her to your friends or take him/her to the park or a night out downtown. Hopefully this will allow you to get some time alone. If not, you might need to sit down with your roommate and discuss the importance of having your own time at the apartment.

The Messy Roommate

While a few dirty dishes and disarray can be tolerable, you know you have a problem when you find your roommate’s dirty clothes strewn throughout the apartment. If you find yourself to be the only one vacuuming, taking out the trash, and cleaning up messes that were never yours to begin with, it’s time to have a talk with your roommate and come up with a solution to his or her messy habits. Arrange a cleaning schedule and stick to it. With a clear plan of a clean future, your apartment will morph back to its organized state.

The Borrowing Roommate

When you live within close quarters, it’s natural that some things are shared. But, tempers may flair over who ate your last granola bar or why all your clothes are missing from your closet. If your roommate takes things without asking or borrows without returning, it’s time to reach out and talk about the things you’ve been missing and the constant need to borrow. Take the time to go out for coffee and have a calm discussion about the matter. Chances are that your roommate had forgotten and things will be returned when borrowed in the future.

Communication can go a long way with roommate battles. Always remember to talk before things get too out of hand. With these solutions, we hope you and your roommate can continue to become close and share an enjoyable living experience.

Top 10 Things to Do on a Date in San Diego

San Diego stands at a distant 9th spot on the Fox Travel’s list of the top 10 romantic destinations for the Valentine’s Day; that puts the City at the rear of places like Washington DC, Orlando, and even Phoenix, which may be more suitable for dating couples in their late 40s. We feel that with its historical theatres, serene beaches, live music venues, and excellent short term furnished apartments, San Diego should be among the top 5 romantic cities in America. Take a read through some of the most intimate locations and secret spots in San Diego that are carved straight out of paradise, especially for romantic couples.

1. Explore La Jolla Cove

Hugely popular among locals and tourists, La Jolla Cove is an idyllic location for observing the foaming ocean or marveling at the romantic sunset in the arms of your loved one. You can book a “sunset kayak tour” and ride the calm waves in a double kayak with the love of your life. The adjacent La Jolla commercial district has some glamorous restaurants and shopping outlets to consummate your romantic foray. Dining at a fine restaurant in the area would be perfect ending to your date, unless you want to spend the night together at your furnished holiday apartment in San Diego.

2. Ride a Gondola

This boat-ride through the canals of Coronado Cays might not exactly be reminiscent of a gondola-ride through the Grand Canal in Venice, but has plenty of charm to melt lovers’ hearts and fuse them together. Feel the serene waves gently rock you as you speak your heart to your loved one, or just stare into each other’s eyes. You may bring your own bottle of champagne and the Gondola Company would provide the glasses, ice and wine-opener. The cruise lasts for 30 minutes and reservations are required.

3. Sojourn at Sunset Cliffs

Located south of Ocean Beach, these romantic sea cliffs sprawl over 68 acres and are traversed by winding walkways. You can drive here from your short term furnished apartment in San Diego and park at a secluded spot. There are many scenic locations that boasting beautiful views of the surfing beaches below. Watch the sun go down into the ocean and giving everything a touch of gilt, including the two of you.

4. Walk through the Prado

This might be your walk on the clouds if you’re on your first date. The Prado area of Balboa Park reminds of Barcelona with its Spanish Moor architecture. Majestic buildings, bubbling fountains, sumptuous pools, and exquisite gardens teleport you into another place and time, right in the heart of Sand Diego. You can buy each other gifts at the splendid mall or dine at the sumptuous Prado Restaurant. By the time you get back to your furnished vacation apartment, you’ll be deeply in love with each other.

5. Drive to Coronado

Hop on East Harbor Drive from downtown San Diego and you’ll see yourself rising above San Diego Bay until you reach the five-lane Coronado Bridge, one of the world’s largest modern bridges. Driving 200 feet above the water with nothing on the sides except a low railing is an enthralling experience, though not for those who are afraid of heights. When in Coronado, a visit to the historical Hotel Del is sort of mandatory. Dancing, jazz music, swinging, and a splendid beach make this relic of a hotel the favorite haunt of Hollywood celebrities.

6. Watch a Movie at the Drive-in

Slip back into the ’70s watching a romantic flick at one of the two drive-in cinemas, the South Bay and the Santee. Buy dinner from a drive-through restaurant and get intimate in the comfort of your car while watching your favorite movie. Okay, so it may not be your favorite, but who is there to watch a movie? And, you can drive away anytime if it’s too boring. This old school style of romance might not be here for long, so avail the opportunity while the drive-ins still exist.

7. Cruise on the Belle

Board a turn-of-the-century Mississippi cruiser and enjoy a romantic cruise with live music. The Bahia Belle cruises from The Catamaran Resort Hotel on Mission Bay and loops between the Bay and the Bahia. There are shops located onboard for buying souvenirs and gifts. The Belle features Family cruises till 10pm and “Cocktail Cruises” after 10. Spirits flow at the bar and so does sweat on the dance floor as the party heats up. The entry fee is just $10.

8. Escape to Julian

Want to go somewhere lonely and romantic, away from the maddening crowds? Julian is the perfect escapade hidden away in the Cuyamaca Mountains, about 1.5 hours out of San Diego. Marvel at the serenity and fill your lungs with fresh air as you celebrate each other’s company. You’ll have all the time in the world to get lost in each other and strengthen the bond of your love. You can relish some authentic country cuisine, take a carriage ride, or just stroll through the picturesque countryside holding hands.

9. Climb the Old Lighthouse

Located within the Carbillo National Monument area, the Old Point Loma lighthouse sits 400 feet above sea level and sports breathtaking views of the bay. Climb the winding, shell-like staircase, giggling and snuggling together on your way up there, and marvel at the scenery when you reach the top. This is the area where Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, the Spanish conquistador who discovered San Diego first set foot. Reaching here would require you to drive through the tranquil and beautiful Rosecrans National Cemetery, which is a moving experience in itself. You’ll dream of the location after you hit the bed in your short term furnished apartment in san Diego.

10. Scale Mount Soledad

Although famous because of the controversial 50-feet cross that stands on top of the picturesque mountain, Mount Soledad is a peaceful haven for dating couples because of its spellbinding calm and breathtaking views. On a clear day, you can see as far as Coronado and the outskirts of Poway. The shores of La Jolla and Scripps Pier are visible to the west. “Soledad” means “loneliness” in Spanish and the scenic locations offers just that, solitude and tranquility.

Have you been to one of these places or any other romantic sites in San Diego? Share your experience with us in your comments.

Ring in the Holidays with Foxwood Corporate Apartments’ Spacious Military Accommodations

Nothing hurts more than being away from the family during the holidays. Why not bring them with you while on military training or temporary duty in San Diego? At Foxwood Military Apartments in San Diego, we are proud to host many military personnel during their military time in San Diego.

Our off-base one- and two-bedroom military rentals are ideal for any travelling military personnel in addition to their family members. Our fully furnished military apartments are great for spending the holidays together in San Diego.

If you’re staying for the holidays, it’s important to feel like your accommodations in San Diego feel more like home away from home. At Foxwood Apartments, you’ll get that same feeling with the upscale furniture, wall art, and loads of functional amenities that fill your military apartment here in San Diego.

Also, just minutes away from the 32nd Street Naval Base and Coronado Island helps to alleviate long commutes to work. In addition to a quick commute, it allows you to see more of San Diego by living off base and within close reach of San Diego’s downtown area, Old Town, multiple beaches, and the Chula Vista Bay.

Get the best of both worlds with comfortable military housing that feels like home in San Diego and a great location that makes commuting to work a breeze. If you didn’t think it could get any better than this, we offer a special discounted military rate to active duty military members as our way to show appreciation for the work you do to protect our nation.

Please visit us online for more details about our apartments, special military rates, and the stress-free commute to Naval bases. Call us today at 866-878-9902 to start your fast and easy application process to get your very own military apartment here at Foxwood!

Foxwood Corporate Apartments: Corporate Housing for San Diego Business Trips

Is your company planning business trips to San Diego for 2014? For luxurious accommodations at an affordable price, Foxwood Corporate Apartments will certainly meet your corporate standards during your stay in America’s Finest City.

Our one- and two-bedroom business suites are spacious and fully furnished with designer furniture, contemporary décor, and many household essentials. Wake up to a cup of coffee, catch the morning news in the living room, and then rush off to your corporate meeting from the convenient on-site parking lot located just blocks away from San Diego’s major freeways.

You can also work remotely from your corporate housing here at Foxwood. With free Wi-Fi, copy and fax services, and plenty of space to collaborate with colleagues, you’ll be a fully functioning business from your corporate apartment!

Even though you’re in San Diego for business, there’s a fun side to Foxwood. Our 5 acres of greenbelt garden park offer a peaceful, resort-style atmosphere that’s ideal for relaxing after a day at work. The year-round heated pool and spa is great for swimming laps or lounging and the barbecue area is perfect for late night gatherings with co-workers.

If you’ve been looking for the best value in corporate housing, Foxwood Corporate Apartments will bring the best of both business and pleasure with a convenient location, excellent service, stunning accommodations, and plenty of fun activities. Contact us today to get started on the quick and easy application process. We look forward to helping your business grow with corporate accommodations here at San Diego’s Foxwood Corporate Apartments!