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Night Life in San Diego

The beast in you awakens as the sun goes down on Friday evenings, making you restless to leave the numbing calm of your temporary housing in San Diego in search of some reverberating nightlife. There are plenty of places around to fill your appetite for action. Slick and upscale, San Diego nightlife joints remind you of Las Vegas, but the San Diego ones are much less worn down by visitors. Take a look at some excellent bars, clubs, dance-floors, and lounges that can feed even the most ravenous beasts, only in great style.

1. Noble Experiment

The mystical bar is the favorite haunt of the cocktail crazy. Mixing and shaking cross all limits and so does the rhythm on the dance floor. Hidden away behind an inconspicuous keg-wall doorway, the classy place requires you to dress decently and has a tasteful ambience. The drinks are prepared using premium spirits and fresh, natural additives. Sip a Mojito or savor “the Manhattan” as you feel peace take over you. Unwind on the dance floor, have a good time, and head back to your temporary housing in San Diego while you can still drive, unless you are taking a cab.

2. 207

A classy den of glamour decorated with black and white crocodile leather, 207 can be overwhelming on a Friday night. Big crystal chandeliers and expansive flat-screens give the place a premium look. A sprawling outdoor terrace comes alive with clubbers and party crowds on weekends. High-profile DJs spin CDs as the spirits flow and the party rolls. Located off the lobby of The Hard Rock Hotel in the heart of downtown San Diego, 207 is easily accessible on foot if you’re staying somewhere close by.

3. Altitude Sky Lounge

The hip and stylish Altitude is perched up 22 floors above the San Diego streets, on the rooftop of the Marriot Gaslamp Quarter, one of the trendiest downtown hotels in San Diego. With tall glasses and lofty views of the surrounding areas, particularly the exquisite Petco Park, make the Altitude the only bar of its stature at this altitude. As the sun sinks into the harbor, things start lighting up at Altitude. The multi-award-winning Lounge is certainly the place to be seen in. Exclusive bottle services and a delectable menu complete the perfect after-dark experience.

4. Fluxx

The super-club has become a magnet for upscale partygoers because of its ever-transforming, hip interiors and dizzying lights, not to mention the staggering variety of drinks and a scrumptious menu. The entertainment runs frantic on weekend nights as DJs spin tracks on the massive sound system to make the whirling crowds go crazy. The place is sophisticated and premium despite all its raunchy fun, so dress properly to avoid being turned back to your temporary housing in San Diego.

5. West Coast Tavern

Hate hipsters? Then West Coast Tavern might just be perfect for you. Nestled inside an antique North park building, the Tavern was founded in 1929. It is warm and friendly place featuring delectable dishes and drinks in a non-glitzy atmosphere. While the place is worth dining at on regular days, weekends uncover a whole new aspect of this docile eatery. You can make your own Bloody Mary or allow the bartender to stir you one of his signature cocktails. A convivial and classical place to hit on a weekend night.

6. Ivy

Ivy would grow on you with its multi-level partying and dancing that extends deep into the night. A roof-top bar and pool is the favorite sanctuary of celebrities hiding away from pestering fans. Down below, The Ivy Wine Bar boasts more than 100 varieties of wines from around the globe. Give in to a world of temptation and glamour and dance the night away. Things can go out of control at Ivy, so make sure you have an arrangement for getting back to the comfort of your temporary housing in San Diego.

7. Pussycat Dolls Dollhouse

Modeled after the Pussycat Dolls (as in the music group), the San Diego Pussycat Dolls Dollhouse is a franchise of the Pussycat Dolls’ Lounge in Vegas, and is an enticing up-market place that lures in celebrities and hipsters alike. True to its name, the club is notorious for its scantily clad dancers and head-spinning ambience.  Certainly not the place for the faint-hearted, or for those on a tight budget.

8.  On Broadway

Remodeled from an old bank building on 5th and Broadway, the upscale club still has the steel door leading to the vault where millions of dollars were once stored. Today, it’s a slick dance floor where young and energetic partygoers dance their hearts out to the music played by famous DJs. You can savor sushi early in the evening at the Café Zen upstairs, which is turned into a dance floor after 9 p.m. In addition to the vault room downstairs, there are two more rooms with bars and dance floors. Everything is sleek and stylish, other than probably the burly bouncers guarding the VIP Room.

9. The Bitter End

Located on 5th Avenues, The Bitter End is a laid back place with a cheerful, long bar and an underground air-conditioned dance floor. It’s a decent place for those looking for a simple and relaxing environment that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to drink at. Warm and convivial, it’s an excellent venue to hang out for drinks and then descend to the basement for some much-needed action.

10. Sunshine Company

Most of the temporary or vacation housing and apartments are located far from the city center, so the Gaslamp Quarters may be a little inconvenient to get to and get back from. Moreover, the downtown bars and clubs are mostly overcrowded on weekends. If you are staying in Chula Vista, the Sunshine Company on the lip of Mission Beach is more easily accessible. If you get here before sunset, you can watch the beautiful ball of fire sink into the ocean over a glass of martini or scotch. As the darkness falls, the spirits rise and bring the two-level club to life. The open courtyard is a blessing for smokers, who don’t have to leave the company of their friends to go out to puff. The prices are moderate and an adjacent shop supplies freshly rolled tacos to go with your drinks.

Have you recently been to one or more of these or other nightlife joints in San Diego? Tell us about your experience in your comments.

Choose Foxwood Corporate Apartments as your Military Home in San Diego

San Diego military housingMilitary housing just doesn’t get any better than this! If you’ve been looking for the perfect place to live in San Diego during your military stay, try Foxwood Corporate Apartments; we have the best location for the greatest value!

Our beautifully furnished off base military apartments are great for a temporary assignment or military training in San Diego, with a convenient location near the major freeways and San Diego’s bus and trolley system next door, you’ll never have to worry about being late to your military base. The 32nd Street Naval base and Coronado Island are just minutes away from your temporary apartment here at Foxwood.

Not only will you enjoy the wonderful location, our apartments are luxurious, spacious, and equipped with great views of San Diego. Our fully furnished apartments have been designer-decorated with upscale furniture, new appliances, and many amenities to ensure you fully enjoy your stay here in America’s Finest City. The full-size kitchen comes with all the kitchenware, cookware, dishware, and appliances that you will need to cook homemade meals comfortably. More housing essentials that are available during your military stay with Foxwood are the cable-ready TV and DVD player, quality bed linens, matching bedroom sets, fluffy bath towels, and weekly maid service.

But we saved the best for last! The best part about staying at Foxwood Corporate Apartments is the special military discount rate that we give to our serving military servicemen as a sincere thank you for serving our country. Other money-saving perks included are that utilities are paid and no deposit or lease agreement is necessary. I think it’s safe to say that your military home will save you money while you’re staying in San Diego!

At Foxwood Corporate Apartments, we want to make sure you love your military stay in San Diego. Contact us if you have any questions regarding amenities, special military rates, or our fast and easy application process. Choose Foxwood Corporate Apartments as your home away from home when you need a military home in America’s Finest City.

Living Off the Base – More Freedom for Military People?

Living in a military housing in San Diego can mean different things to different people. The quality of the accommodation and the rents can vary depending upon your rank, as can the facilities that you enjoy. While many personnel residing in military complexes are satisfied with the living conditions, others think the steep rents, the overly disciplined atmosphere, and the lack of parking space are serious turnoffs that exist at some of the military housing complexes.

San Diego is home to several military establishments, including the San Diego Naval Base, which is the US Navy’s largest Base on the West Coast and employs 20,000 uniformed men and women. Just north of the office complex on the Base, the Pacific Beacon apartment community offers top-notch resort-style accommodation to military personnel in San Diego. If you are eligible, you can enjoy an upscale lifestyle living here. Extravagant swimming pools and sporting facilities and world-class amenities make life easier for those who’ve been in and out of the sandbox.

There are several other housing options available at the Naval Base as well as various other basis and establishments located in the San Diego area. Military apartments living features many benefits for the residents, such as sporting facilities, cheap shopping, a secure environment, great family life, and a convivial social life. However, there are times when military people want to live outside the base, in a private neighborhood.


Reasons for Living Off the Base in San Diego

There can be several reasons for opting to live in the city. One of the spouses may be working outside the base and may like to live close to the office. A single officer might like to invite in his female guests to his apartment, something that would be impossible at the base. Kids going to a school located in an urban area, short or impermanent stay, or simply a personal preference to live away from the base are just some of the factors that prompt military people to look for accommodations off the base.

A major reason for deciding to live in the city is the controlled, disciplined environment of the base. You are still at work even after cease-work, or at least it feels that way living at the base. The military most often allows its members to go out and live in the city, as long as they can be available for duty. If you are in the military and assigned to San Diego, you have nothing to worry about. There are plenty of excellent apartments and housing options available both inside and outside the military establishments.

Pros and Cons of Off-Base Military Housing in San Diego

Should you be opting to live on the base, among a familiar community of uniformed personnel and their families, or should you be moving out into one of the rental military apartments in San Diego? There’s no simple answer to this question, as it depends upon your preferences and lifestyle as well as the type of accommodation available.

For one, if you are single and your base authorities allow you to reside off-base, you’ll find much more freedom enjoying that option. Moving out of the base after getting off from duty, you can feel as if the work day has really ended. You can go to your private apartment and relax without being disturbed by your colleagues or room-mate(s). You can also enjoy the nightlife, return home late, and invite guests to your apartment (especially female guests), things that you would not have been allowed to do in the service accommodation.

For families, residing in the base can appear to be a better option, as they have access to a lot of facilities and amenities, such as sporting facilities for kids, cheap groceries, and better security. The spouses and kids feel more comfortable living at a military complex when their serving family members get deployed for active service. However, not all military bases offer every facility. Also, military families coming to San Diego on short trips might find it more feasible and convenient to lodge outside the base, considering the time delays and procedures involved in renting military housing at the base.

When living in the base, military personnel usually have to sacrifice 100% of their BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) for occupying a rather basic accommodation. Living in the city, sometimes you can get a much better fully furnished military apartment within the same rent. Some of the private military apartments are located in posh neighborhoods, and are conveniently placed with respect to shopping malls, restaurants, schools, beaches, and other San Diego attractions.

Military personnel looking for a military housing in San Diego on their own might find out, to their distaste and displeasure, that some of the property owners are not willing to rent to them. The reason for such discrimination is that the owners are wary of the law, which allows military personnel to terminate their leases prematurely in case they are called for active duty. Most of the property owner wouldn’t like to be left high and dry in the middle of the lease term, hence their reluctance to accommodate military personnel.

Luckily, there are housing establishments and apartment complexes that specifically cater to military individuals and families looking to settle outside the base. Some of these San Diego military housing facilities are located in close vicinity of the bases, making the commute more convenient for serving personnel. More often than not, these temporary apartments and houses are fully furnished and have operational kitchens, qualities that make them excellent for short stays. Military housing in San Diego is generally available for a term of 30 days or more and has reasonable rents, well within the allowance that they pay in the military.

Although convenient and relaxed, living inside the base is like living in a canned environment. Life may get monotonous and/or less private when you are spending your days and nights surrounded by the same people. Residing in the city can sometimes bring about a welcome change. Some of the residences may be much more private and spacious compared to the apartment you’d get for the same rent inside the base. With that said, the choice is really up to you. If you feel more at-home inside the base, then the base is where your heart is.

Foxwood Apartments: San Diego Corporate Housing & Vacation Fun Beyond Compare

Make business trips fun again with the luxurious, country club experience of Foxwood Corporate Apartments in San Diego. If your company is planning a business trip to San Diego, our ideal blend of vacation fun and corporate accommodations is hard to find in America’s Finest City.

Our 130 fully furnished units create an at-home atmosphere that is completely diminished by hotel living and cramped business suites. At Foxwood Corporate Apartments, we guarantee your employees and business guests will love these special corporate apartments.

Every one of our all-utilities-paid one- and two-bedroom business apartments is spacious and relaxing for any traveling businessperson. Your fully furnished corporate apartment is professionally designed in upscale furniture, beautiful décor, a completely stocked and remodeled kitchen with quaint table for 2, and comfortable bedrooms with quality bed linens. Each apartment comes with a multitude of amenities to ensure your business trip runs smoothly and that you have everything you need! A complete list of amenities is available online; come and see what you can enjoy during your temporary corporate stay in San Diego.

In addition to great corporate housing, Foxwood Corporate Apartments has a stunning display of paradise right outside your front door. The rolling greenbelt garden park, which Foxwood is surrounded by, is filled with shade trees, shrubs, and flowers that bring the property to life. When you’re not at work, revel in the relaxing heated pool and spa. With lounge chairs, picnic tables, and grills, you can also sit outside for dinner with colleagues or lounge in the Jacuzzi to unwind from stressful meetings.

If you’re coming to do business in San Diego, why not enjoy your stay while you’re here? Contact us today to start the easy, fast application process and we’ll have your company booked for an unforgettable corporate stay in America’s Finest City. We look forward to providing you with luxurious corporate accommodations for important San Diego business endeavors.

Foxwood Corporate Apartments’ Comfortable Housing Alleviates Business Trip Disasters

Looking for corporate housing in San Diego that’s comfortable, convenient, and completely refreshing?

San Diego’s Foxwood Corporate Apartments has all the above in addition to many corporate perks.

Here are just a few ways you can enjoy the corporate housing here at Foxwood Corporate Apartments and alleviate many headaches that pop up on business trips.

Peaceful Resort Setting = Increased Creativity

You can relax on your business trip to San Diego. It’s easy when you have paradise outside your front door! Foxwood Corporate Apartments is situated on 5 acres of stunning greenbelt garden park.

In the center of our apartments, you’ll find the year-round heated pool and spa surrounded by lounge chairs and a special barbecue area. You can swim laps after work, relax in the Jacuzzi, or order a team-building barbecue for all to enjoy. Our peaceful environment at Foxwood Apartments will boost creativity amongst your corporate team!

On Site Parking and Convenient Location

Whether you’re taking public transportation or renting a car for your corporate commutes, Foxwood Corporate Apartments has a convenient location. Located across the street from the 933 bus stop, you can hop on and be at the nearest trolley station in just 10 minutes. Foxwood Apartments is also just one block away from I-805 and eight blocks away from I-5, which allows you to get on the freeway quickly from our on-site parking lot.

Many Corporate Apartment

You’ll have everything you could possibly ask for in your corporate housing package. With free Wi-Fi access, lots of workspace, and available copy and fax services, you can work remotely from your corporate apartment. Maid service is also available. Take a look at our corporate apartment package for a complete list of amenities you’ll enjoy while staying at Foxwood Apartments.

Contact us today to get started on the easy application process. We look forward to your visit to San Diego!