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Day Tripper: Five Reasons to Travel to Temecula

Get ready to travel to Temecula, the hub for wineries, nature, and lots of adventure. Just one hour away from San Diego, Temecula will surely give you the getaway you deserve without being too far from home. Here are 5 fun ways to enjoy your time in Temecula:

Lake Skinner

Lake Skinner is located just a few short miles away from the Temecula Wineries and it offers all its visitors many water sports and relaxing afternoons. The beautiful Lake Skinner was created in 1973 and has 1400 acres of water surface. Ideal for camping, fishing, sailing, hiking, picnicking, and more, Lake Skinner is the best place for an active afternoon.

Temecula Wineries

The best part of Temecula has got to be the vineyards on rolling hills, stunning wineries, and delicious reds and whites. Although there are many wineries to visit, these seem to be favorites among locals and visitors alike. Callaway, Thornton, and Wilson Creek Winery are large estates with flavorful wines and a beautiful backdrop to enjoy wine tastings with friends.

Old Town Temecula

Old Town is the heart of Temecula, located just off the I-15 freeway on Front Street. This part of Temecula was established in 1859 when the second California post office opened in Temecula. However, the land was occupied by the Pechanga Band of Indians 10,000 years before the Spanish arrived in 1797 in search of the perfect place for their mission. The Spanish built their mission just a few miles away in Pala.

Old Town Temecula has an old west feel that fills the boulevard with antique stores, boutiques, restaurants, bars, and music venues with a western flair. For a whole lot of fun and a relaxing weekend day trip, you’ll love Old Town Temecula.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Temecula is the ideal ambiance for a hot air balloon ride. With picturesque views of the mountains and vineyards, nothing compares to a ride in a hot air balloon! With Harvest Season in full swing, now is the time to reserve your space with California Dreamin’. Every hot air balloon ride comes with a complimentary bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, so gear up for your special experience in Temecula and snag a spot on these gorgeous hot air balloons.

Original Site of Mrs. Hall’s Café 1915

Mrs. Hall’s Café opened in Temecula in 1915 and has now become a historical attraction in the area. Originally owned by Mrs. Lizzie Hall, Mrs. Hall’s Café doubled as a café and a telephone operating station. As the only local telephone operator in Temecula from 1918-1961, daughter Edna Swanguen helped run the operating station and took over the café when her mother retired. Coming to see this impressive shop is surely a treat for any traveler.

Photo Credit: Towne Place Turning Point

Corporate Rentals & Accomodations in San Diego

Consider Corporate Accommodations Over Hotels for Your Next Business Trip

Traveling for work can get expensive, especially when you take into account lodging for longer periods of time. Hotel costs can add up quickly; plus, you have to go out to eat for every meal, which is expensive as well. The next time you have a long business trip in California, consider staying at corporate rentals in San Diego, as they provide the conveniences of home while saving you money in the long run.

San Diego as a Corporate Travel Destination

 San Diego has become a popular destination for corporate travel and conventions for a number of reasons. With sunshine and moderate temperatures year round, the weather is a big draw. However, San Diego offers a wealth of activities and culture that keeps people entertained and brings them back time and time again.

In between meetings, venture out and enjoy the variety of goings-on that San Diego has to offer. Walk along the beach or get out onto the water and learn how to surf, explore the unique neighborhoods and vibrant downtown life, take a boat cruise, or expand your palate at one of the many popular restaurants. At the end of the day, retreat to your own oasis instead of another hotel.

Benefits of Corporate Accommodations

 Frequent travelers and those on extended-stay assignments have learned that corporate accommodations in San Diego are the way to go. Corporate lodging, such as the Foxwood Apartments, offers a number of conveniences that hotels do not, and they also cost less over time.

Foxwood offers a number of one- and two-bedroom apartments that are fully furnished. Imagine coming home after a long day and sitting on your couch and watching television, or sitting down at your very own dining room table to enjoy a meal. Not only do the accommodations offer furnishings, but they are also warmly decorated with framed prints, plants, and throw pillows.

Cost Considerations

 Taking advantage of corporate apartment rentals in San Diego can save travelers a lot more money than if they were to stay in a traditional hotel. Some cost-saving considerations include:

  • Full Kitchen – Not only does going out to eat for every meal get old, but it also adds up quickly. Corporate rentals include a fully stocked kitchen with a microwave, oven, refrigerator, pans, plates, utensils, and glassware. This allows you to cook with ease and eat in the comfort of your own home.
  • Utilities Included – When you sign a rental agreement, feel comforted with the fact that all utilities are included in your monthly rent, which allows you to budget correctly.
  • Amenities – When you stay at Foxwood Apartments, you can enjoy the luxurious surroundings. Secure parking is close to your front door, you are close to green parks, and you have access to the heated pool and spa.

You also have the option of a month-to-month rental agreement, so you are not tied into a long rental contract.

Location Is Key

 Another convenience of staying at the corporate rentals at Foxwood is its location. You are conveniently located to the San Diego Convention Center as well as downtown. You are also close to Tijuana’s maquiladoras.

Next time you are on a business trip, consider corporate rentals in San Diego. This is a great way to save money, and you will also feel like you’re at home.

Fun Excursions to Explore San Diego’s Best Kept Secrets

San Diego is a well-known haven for summertime fun, surfing, and laidback culture, however, there are many things you don’t know about America’s Finest City! Explore these best-kept secrets of San Diego and discover a hidden city even the locals may not know about!

Secret #1: Dr. Seuss is Very Popular in San Diego

As a long-term resident of the gorgeous La Jolla village area, Theodor Geisel or Dr. Seuss left behind a huge collection of original Dr. Seuss material and manuscripts to the University of California San Diego’s Geisel Library. Even more, as benefactors to the library, Audrey and Theodor Geisel’s library has been controversial with its unusual design and architecture. Dr. Seuss’s nonsensical cartoons and backdrops are also claimed to be taken from America’s Finest City.

Secret #2: Lavender is Abundant in San Diego Summer Months

San Diego’s country fields are blooming with fragrant lavender in May and June for lavender harvest season. The Keys Creek Lavender Farm in Valley Center is 8 acres of farmland that grows over 2 dozen different types of lavender! Take a tour of the farm, sip on an English High tea, and learn about distilling lavender to create an essential oil!

Secret #3: San Diego is a Foodie Favorite During its Lobster Season

Typically an East Coast favorite, lobster is sought after for its tender, juicy meat, and the lobster season in San Diego ensures tasty lobster from the beginning of October to mid-March. Savor the many tastes of San Diego’s delicious seafood at La Jolla’s El Pescador Fish Market, Point Loma Seafoods, The Fish Market in Downtown San Diego, and The Fishery in Pacific Beach.

Secret #4: You CAN See San Diego Without a Car

It is possible to see San Diego even if you don’t have a car. Many locals think that’s a large feat but San Diego actually has a very extensive bus and trolley system. You can soak in a lot of San Diego scenery while riding the bus or trolley; if you plan on traveling outside of San Diego, Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner and the Coaster commuter train.

Secret #5: California was Born in San Diego

Always known as home to the local Native American Kumeyaay people, it was Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo from Spain who made the first European landing in San Diego in 1542. It was another 200 years before the Spanish decided to act on California land with an expedition of Gaspar de Portola to build a settlement. Today’s present day Old Town is where the first group of adobe homes were established for military families.

Secret #6: Many Broadway Blockbusters Become Famous in San Diego

San Diego theatres are known for sending musicals and plays to Broadway! Especially The Old Globe Theatre and the La Jolla Playhouse have launched blockbuster “Jersey Boys,” “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels,” “The Full Monty,” “Damn Yankees,” and “How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying.” You can always catch a future Broadway hits at one of San Diego’s deeply rooted theatres.

Photo Credit: Distillated

10 Tips for a Stress-Free Business Trip to San Diego -#9 May Urge You to Stay Longer

If your job involves a lot of traveling, chances are that you are stressed out and don’t even have a clue. Stress can lead to anxiety and bad decisions, so it’s imperative that you feel relaxed and “great” during your business trip and stay at corporate apartments in San Diego.

Business travel can sound like a lot of excitement and fun, as you are going on an all-expenses-paid trip, but according to an HBR research, business travel is highly stressful. The survey of 7400 frequently traveling business managers suggested that medium and top level executives face the most amount of stress while traveling. The stress levels were found to rise sharply during trip preparation, departure and flight, come down at landing, and rose again at the destination.

The US business travel industry is expected to expand to more than $280 billion this year. According to the figures compiled by US Travel, each dollar spent on business travel has yielded $2.90 in profits. In order for business travel to be equally rewarding, stress-free and healthful for you, the traveler, it is important that you know the stressors associated with the different phases of your business travel, and take measures to stay relaxed during those phases.

Before You Travel

1. TSA Pre: Unless you are going traveling at the spur of the moment for an emergency meeting, you’ll have plenty of time for packing your bag and making preparations. Make sure to check if the airport you are traveling from offers TSA Pre-Check Security Clearance. TSA has started extending this service at almost all major airports for almost all major airlines. For an $85 registration fee, you will be taken through security queues quickly and allowed to ‘keep your shoes on’, as the TSA website suggests.

2. Packing Your Stuff: If you don’t want to go through the frustration of missing a vital item when you unpack your luggage at the San Diego corporate apartments, you should finish packing at least two days before you board your flight. Visualize your trip, your flight, your stay at corporate San Diego apartments, your meetings and business activities, entertainment and pack everything that you think you’ll need. In the two days that you have before you leave home, you’ll remember many things that you haven’t packed.

While You Travel

3. Be Early: Arriving half hour too early wouldn’t harm you nearly as much as being half minute too late. This applies to your flight, train or bus times as well as your meetings. Plan to reach everywhere early to free yourself from the anxiety of getting late.

4. Use Your Phone: Other than snapping selfies, your cell phone can be used for many other useful purposes. You can really derive value from your phone while you’re traveling. There are plenty of mobile apps out there which can help you do everything from booking a plane seat to reserving a corporate San Diego apartment. You can also take pictures of your luggage, travel documents and your parking lot to relieve the stress of having to remember everything.

5. During Flight: Long-haul flights can sap your energy and stress you out. Other than watching your favorite movie and trying to doze off, you can try “tapping”. It’s an exercise in which you tap the “acupuncture points” in your body to relieve stress and adjust your body rhythm. Keep doing in-flight exercises, like stretching your legs, moving your feet, rotating and moving your neck, with regular intervals to relieve the tension in your muscles and keep them relaxed. Doing these exercises will keep you fresh and you’ll be free of jet lag when you arrive at your corporate apartment in San Diego.

In San Diego

6. Stay at Corporate San Diego Apartments: Hotel stay can be more stressful than staying at a San Diego corporate apartment. Hotels are glitzy and artificial, which makes them unlike a home away from home. A fully furnished and serviced apartment gives you a homely feel and helps you unwind in a private atmosphere. San Diego corporate apartments are located in a country club style community offering facilities such as a swimming pool, health club and spa.

7. Make time for Fun: Regardless of how serious the nature of your business trip may be, you must make out for fun. Go dancing, swimming, surfing, boating, or go to a club or theater or even the Zoo. Such entertainment activities will take your mind off the stressful trip and you’ll be feeling great by the time you come back to your corporate apartment in San Diego.

8. Go for Light Exercise: Your corporate San Diego apartment puts you in the middle of an enchanting and serene landscape. Whenever you have time, put on those sneakers and step out for a stroll. The beautiful San Diego weather makes it a pleasure to venture outdoor regardless of what time of the year it may be.

9. Go to the Beach: Pacific Beach and Mission Beach are two of the most festive beaches in California. Crowds of young partygoers, surfers and families make these beaches come alive for most part of the day and night. If you are living close to the beach, you should stroll down to the seaside and let the splendor of the sprawling ocean calm your frayed nerves. The beauty and activity here holds you captive, urging you to stay longer.

10. Getting Around: You must know how to get around and reach your meeting or conference venue. The corporate San Diego apartments are located very close to bus and train terminals and provide ample parking space for your car. Make yourself conversant with different bus and train routes and consult the city map on your cell phone to reach everywhere without hassle or stress.

On Your Way Back

The stress levels start to subside as you head back home. However, you must make sure that you don’t leave any of your belongings behind in your San Diego corporate apartment. Pack everything carefully and reach the airport well in time.

If you followed some of the tips in this article, chances are that you would like to stay at the corporate apartments in San Diego next time. However, feeling great on a business trip also depends on whether or not you achieved the objectives of your trip. We wish you a successful and stress-free business trip to San Diego. Do let us know in your comments how it went.


Foxwood’s Special Military Discounts for Navy Personnel, Save $800+ per Month Living Resort Style

Whether to live on-base or off-base? It’s a big question for Navy servicemen and families coming to San Diego. The answer to this question entirely depends upon your preferences as an individual or a family. Different people value different things, and while the evidence suggests most of the military families prefer on-base Navy housing San Diego, living out is not an option but a compulsion for the majority of the families coming to SD.

Navy Housing at Sand Diego Naval Base, Pros and Cons

If you are lucky to get Base Navy housing in San Diego, you’ll benefit from facilities such as swimming pools, sports center, community center, security, free paint and maintenance jobs,  no bills to be paid, and access to the NEX and the Commissary. You’ll save on the gas costs and escape the waiting times at the Base entrance/exit gates, where the traffic queues can be grinding around morning and evening work hours. You may have to brave them twice a day if you are living out.

Getting San Diego Navy housing at the Base almost always involves long waiting periods that may sometimes extend to 24 months. The accommodations that are readily available may not impress you because of their age or design. Another down side of living at the Base is that you are on the job 24×7, or at least it might feel that way. Life at military bases is said to be “dramatic”, where you are supposed to stay “in character” and play your expected social and professional roles. Living in private Navy housing San Diego such as Foxwood Apartments, you are nestled in a secluded resort style atmosphere with total freedom to be yourself. Apart from this emotional down side, Base living also puts you at a distance from the life and shopping of the beautiful city that San Diego is.

Saving Money Living Resort Style

As I said in the beginning, living on or off the Base is purely a personal choice, but when you have to make your own living arrangement because of the scarcity of accommodation at the Base, living at Foxwood Apartments can be the best decision that you could take. Not only do these purpose-built country club style apartments put you in the lap of a soothing, green environment, but also put a healthy amount of green in your wallet. You can rent these fabulous apartments for as low as half of your BAH, depending upon your rank. To add more honey to the already sweet offer, Foxwood now offers special military discounts on its luxurious Navy housing in San Diego.

The upscale Foxwood apartments are conveniently located just a few miles away from the Naval Base, in the prestigious Chula Vista area. Prime real estate has been landscaped in a way that lush green private gardens surround each individual apartment. Majestic swaying trees and a beautiful freeform turquoise pool characterize the sprawling property. The tranquility that prevails here is like tonic for the frayed nerves. Getting back from your post at the Base, you can forget all about the rules and the routine. You have ample open parking available to park as many cars as you like, unlike at the Base, where you may have trouble parking your second car (if not your first).

How to Save $800+ Per Month Living at Resort Style Navy Housing San Diego

Navy officers and personnel stationed at the Naval Base or other formations at San Diego have the option to draw their Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) and make their own living arrangements. If they get housing at the Base, they’ll not be getting their BAH, which will be deducted on account of their house rent, utility bills and maintenance charges (they’ll be paying none of those).

When you are trying to figure out how much money you can save while living off the Base in private Navy housing San Diego, you’ll need a simple calculator and know basic math. Other than that, you should know your BAH amount and the average utility and gas bills that you’ll be paying. Add these numbers to the rent that you’ll be paying at your resort style Navy housing in San Diego, and you’ll know how much you’ll be saving, on the average.

For example, a two bedroom furnished Navy apartment is available for $1295 at Foxwood. An O3 is entitled to receive a BAH of around $2500 when stationed at San Diego. The utilities cost for a two bedroom apartment in San Diego would be around $200 (for SDGE and water), or even lower if you keep a lid on the usage.  It’s a 10-mile drive to Naval Base San Diego (if you are stationed there), so the gas bill is likely to be around $150–200 for the month. Now we can do the math:

  1. Monthly BAH Amount $2500
  2. Monthly Rent ($1295)
  3. Cost of utilities and gas ($200+$200 ($ 400)

That’s $800 saving every month. And this is for an O3. An O4 for higher will be saving even more. Some people might think it’s not much, but over a year you will be saving around $10000. Heck, you could go to Paris on vacation next summer, or use this money to do anything else that you always wanted to do. And all this time, you are living at a fully furnished Navy apartment in San Diego, enjoying a resort lifestyle.

In reality, though, you’ll be saving more than $800 a month, thanks to the generous military discounts that Foxwood offers to our brave Naval officers and sailors. Depending upon the accommodation you rent and the length of your stay, we’ll slash a substantial amount off the monthly rent, putting a cherry on top of the delectable dessert.

Are you a Navy person looking for upscale Navy housing in San Diego for a very reasonable rent? Contact Foxwood Apartments to find out more about our special offers on fully furnished luxury apartments.