Day Tripper: Rub Elbows with Elites in the Stunning Town of Montecito, CA

The gorgeous city of Montecito is filled with celebrities, California elites, and incredible beaches and botanical gardens. Take a day trip to Santa Barbara County where you can wine and dine by the local celebs or spend a relaxing day surrounded by nature. Here are just a few attractions in Montecito:

Butterfly Beach

Butterfly Beach is a gorgeous beach in Montecito. Known for its celebrity sightings and popular paragliding sport, Butterfly Beach is perfect for people watching and lounging on the beach or being sporty and trying something new. Although there are no public facilities, you’ll love the privacy and gorgeous sunsets found at Butterfly Beach. Spend an afternoon here or catch the sunset in the evening.

The Easton Gallery

A great way to know more about a city is to check out its artistic side. The Easton Gallery of Montecito showcases the artworks of local artists. Since 1990, the Easton Gallery represents contemporary landscape artists every weekend and weekday afternoons. For more information about this stunning exhibit, see more at the Easton Gallery online.


Lotusland is a must-see in Montecito. The 37 acres of whimsical gardens will surely take your breath away! As the former estate of famous opera singer and socialite Madame Ganna Walska, Lotusland is a collection of exotic plants, a topiary, a cactus garden, a butterfly garden, and many surprises in between. After having spent 43 years perfecting her estate, Madame Ganna Walska passed away in 1984. Her estate has been transformed into a nonprofit botanical garden that is able to help out the local community with educational programs as well as horticulture activities. For more information about Lotusland, visit them online!

Casa del Herrero

Built in 1925, Casa del Herrero is one of the finest examples of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture. As a creative collaboration of design visionaries, Casa del Herrero was designed by well-known architects like George Washington Smith, George Fox Steedman, Lockwood de Forest, and Francis T. Underhill. Arthur Byne and Mildred Stapley, also known for their craftsmanship of the Hearst Castle, were a part of the creation of Casa del Herrero.

Guided, 90-minute tours of Casa del Herrero are by reservation only on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Come and see Santa Barbara’s 4th National Historic Landmark, Casa del Herrero while you’re in town. Admission is $20.


If you’d like to stay in Montecito overnight, there are many great accommodations to choose from. Montecito Inn was built by Charlie Chaplin in 1928 and is just as plush and luxurious as it was on opening day. Book your stay at the Montecito Inn for an unforgettable night in pure luxury! If you’re watching your wallet, another option for an overnight stay is Coast Village Inn where you save a bit of money yet you’re still on the coast.

For the best way to spend your weekend, cruise up the coast from San Diego to Montecito!

Photo Credit: Brewbooks