Day Tripper: Spend a Day in Temecula’s Wineries

Temecula is a combination of nature, old history, and new beginnings. To name just a few of the attractions in Temecula you can go hiking, horseback riding, catch a hot-air balloon ride, visit the award-winning wineries, or indulge in guilt-free shopping. The drive from San Diego to Temecula is just shy of 60 miles so why not have some fun for the day and head up to Temecula to see what Riverside county’s new-world wines are all about.

If you come earlier in the day, a hot-air balloon ride or bi-plane adventure would be amazing! The fantastic weather gives you a smooth ride and allows you to enjoy the Temecula vineyards from a whole new perspective… from above! Some great air balloon companies to check out are California Dreamin’ and Sunrise Balloon.

The main attraction of Temecula has to be the vineyards. I can’t even begin to mention all the marvelous wineries that are packed into this town. For a better description of wine tours, self-guided tours, and more, visit the Temecula Valley Winegrowers Association for their list of wineries to visit depending on the type of wines you like and the length of time you’ll be in Temecula.

Other activities that are over-the-top in Temecula are the perfect golf courses and romantic horseback riding lessons. But that’s not all, the Old Town Temecula is crawling with historic facts and fun shops. If you need a nice souvenir, Old Town would be the place to get it.

Temecula is a place that everyone should visit… with the wine, golf, hot-air balloons, and more, I don’t know if I’d ever come back!