Emails Released of San Diego’s Ex-Navy Commander

Following the removal of Commander Allen Maestas, the U.S. Navy has released many of the racy emails and flirtatious phone texts that were sent to multiple female sailors in inappropriate contexts. Under Maestas’s command, many of the female sailors were filing complaints against this Navy official’s unacceptable behavior and questionable comments.

In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, the request to view these messages, texts, and emails has been granted. It is clear to see why the removal of such an official was deemed necessary.

Commander Allen Maestas was removed from his post on May 16. He was second-in-command of a San Diego-based unit, however, his inappropriate behavior with senior-subordinate relationships proved to amplify any reasons for his departure.

To one sailor in particular, Maestas was texting her comments about joining her in her pajamas and asking for photos of her in shorts or “in any pose.” Ex-Commander Maestas had also sent messages to other women under his command… the content was relatively similar to the ones listed above.

In a statement given by one of the other women, Maestas had offered to wash her vehicle if her boyfriend was unwilling to do so. This particular sailor was so shaken that she traded in her truck to avoid any similar comments to be made in the future.

According to the investigation, Maestas seemed genuinely interested in the lives of the sailors in his unit. Yet, it became apparent that this interest quickly led to ulterior motives. Although the ex-executive officer denied any fowl play, he later admitted that family problems had caused his professionalism to “slip.”

A spokeswoman of the San Diego Naval Surface Forces, Commander Tamsen Reese stated, “The messages were inappropriate and unprofessional and did not respect the senior-subordinate relationship. Sailors deserve an environment where they feel comfortable in the work place.”

This case is just one of the many that has recently been brought to light. This case will set an example as to how the military will continue to handle these sexual assault issues.