House Plants that Thrive for Apartment Living

indoor plants

A house plant adds a lot of character to your living space. Liven up your apartment with a few green plants that will thrive in smaller places, there are so many unique types of plants with unique shapes and beautiful blooms that won’t need a ton of maintenance.

For a personal touch to any apartment, consider these smaller house plants to transform your space into something a bit more lively.

Asparagus Fern: The Asparagus Fern is popular as an indoor plant. Its vibrant green leaves look great sitting on your windowsill. Moderate to full sunlight is sufficient for this full fern.

Parlor Palm: The parlor palm goes by the official name Chamaedorea Elegans and only needs a small amount of sunlight, which is great in an apartment setting. The parlor fern does well with regular waterings whenever the soil is dry. It’s the perfect choice for a house plant if your apartment doesn’t see much sun.

Succulents: Especially in a warmer climate like San Diego, succulents are great with full to moderate sunlight, little water, and minimal attention. These little plants come in all shapes and sizes that are easy to manage with your apartment lifestyle.

Rubber Plant: This plant comes with a vivid pop of color. Also know as Ficus Robusta, the rubber plant has rich burgundy leaves that create a contrast when paired with other plants. The rubber plant also acts as an air purifier, taking pollutants out of the air.

Baby Toes: This funky little house plant is a cute addition to any apartment. Baby Toes, also called Fenestraria Rhopalophylla, is a green bubble-looking plant with a single yellow flower bloom. Great as a stand-alone plant or as part of a group, Baby Toes is a quaint apartment plant that does well in moderate sunlight.

With a little effort and some sun, these house plants will thrive in your apartment. Pick one up today to try something different with your living space!