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Sometimes there’s no place like home. However, a stay at Foxwood Apartments is a close second. If you’ve been looking for military housing in the San Diego area, check out our military apartments fit to fulfill all your needs during your military assignment in San Diego.

Foxwood Apartments has a peaceful and relaxing environment that everyone will enjoy. Whether you’re single or staying with your family, Foxwood Apartments can accommodate any living situation. Our one- and two-bedroom military apartments are fully furnished with a multitude of amenities that will make your temporary military stay in San Diego feel like home. The beautiful ambiance and special attention to our military apartments creates the perfect living experience for military members.

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With a convenient location, loads of amenities, and a military apartment to call home, Foxwood Corporate Apartments is dedicated to providing you with the best possible stay in San Diego. Check out our special military section of Foxwood Apartments for more information about our special military rates, convenient commutes to Naval bases, and so much more! We are honored to serve our special military forces just like they have served us so well. Thank you U.S. Military members! We look forward to your stay at Foxwood Apartments.