Keep a Picnic Pack Prepared at All Times for more Summertime Fun

San Diego is the perfect place to have a picnic. With gorgeous weather, minimal pests, and many grassy areas to choose from, you’ll have lots of opportunities to have a picnic with friends and family. Make sure you’re always prepared when the mood strikes to have your meal outdoors. With a picnic-ready pack, you’ll be on your way to the park, lake, or beach in minutes!

For a picnic-ready pack, here’s what you need for your outdoor eating essentials:

First of all, you need a light, yet medium-sized bag with straps so it’s easy to carry and convenient to use.

Another picnic essential is a large sheet or blanket that you can stretch out on while you’re in the park. If you’re headed to the beach, towels work just fine, especially in the sand.

An empty water bottle should always be in your picnic pack. Since they are lightweight, it is the perfect solution to a beverage. All parks and beaches have a water fountain so load up on some H2O before you scour for the perfect picnic spot.

Wet Wipes and napkins are also some staples that must be included in your picnic pack because you’ll need to wash your hands and, let’s face it, food can get messy! For cleaning up any spills or messy fingers, always keep some napkins and wipes on hand.

Bottle openers and corkscrews are another definite must-have for your summer picnic bag. Whenever you need a cold beverage, you can rest assured that you’ll have some way to open it!

Paper plates, re-usable utensils and an actual knife are great additions to the pack so you’ll always have the proper silverware and plates to eat your meal. Invest in a knife with a cover so that you can store it in your bag without worrying about slicing yourself as you rummage through your goodies.

A trash bag is great for discarding all the unnecessary items. Leaving you with a clean picnic-ready pack at all times.

Now that you have all the picnic must-haves, you’re just missing one thing… FOOD! The best way to keep your picnic low maintenance is to grab a sub or buy a ready-made meal at the store. Packing food for a picnic is always challenging so allow yourself to enjoy the picnic and not worry about the hassle.

For a summer you will never forget, take as many picnics, go for as many walks, and enjoy the beach as many days as you can. In sunny San Diego, a picnic-ready pack is exactly what you need this season!

Photo Credit: Rubber Slippers in Italy