Navy Program Helps San Diego’s Rising Veteran Unemployment

The unemployment rates of veterans within the United States keep rising… and president Obama has a lot of decisions to make about the ever-increasing problem of jobless, and potentially homeless, veterans. Adjusting to normal civilian life is a challenge on its own; paired with inadequate paper requirements makes the job search process that much harder. For many U.S. veterans, their skills and experience would blow any other candidate out of the water. Where the real problems lie are the actual certifications that are expected and required to obtain positions within the “real world.”

President Barack Obama sees the problematic future that many veterans will experience with the withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan in addition to the wavering economy. President Obama’s solution to the unemployed veteran dilemma depends upon the cooperation of companies to hire 100,000 veterans by the end of 2013 in exchange for enticing tax breaks offered to the companies that are willing to participate and hire veterans that have been on the job hunting trail for over 6 months.

There are also a few programs that are committed to helping veterans find job opportunities and help them reacclimate to daily life routines and patterns outside of military tours. For more than a year, San Diego’s REBOOT program has done exactly that, its 70% employment success rate has helped tremendously in San Diego County and will continue to offer job placement and transition services to veterans within the San Diego community. REBOOT consists of free workshops that provide veterans with three weeks of adjustment training and provide a comforting buffer between military life and civilian life that will ease the transition process that may be extremely challenging to veterans.