Navy’s Coronado Speed Festival in San Diego has been Approved

The annual Coronado Speed Festival has successfully dodged the budget cuts this year. Next month, the Naval Air Station North Island will host the Coronado Speed Festival on September 21 & 22 as part of San Diego Fleet Week.

San Diego Fleet Week is a public open house of the Navy base that coincides perfectly with Coronado Speed Festival and Fleet Week Foundation festivities.

The popular event will have a race track on the flight line, where the public can watch race cars zip around the track. Military aircraft will also be on display during the event.

Fleet Week’s executive director, Alexandra Squires said, “We’re thrilled at the opportunity to continue the tradition of celebrating Speed Fest at Naval Base Coronado.”

A Navy memo was released July 24 requesting the Pentagon to approve the Coronado Speed Festival, stating that all costs would be covered by Fleet Week even though costs have usually been shared between the Navy and the foundation in the past.

Usually, the Coronado Speed Festival has tours of the Navy ships for the public to see, however, Naval officials said on Friday that they aren’t sure if these tours will be able to happen for this year’s festival.

If it is approved to allow ship tours at Coronado Speed Festival, the piers that are home to the USS Carl Vinson and USS Ronald Reagan, will be the first to be on display. For more information about this fun-filled Navy event in San Diego, visit Fleet Week online and for the newest details and an interesting peek into Naval living in America’s Finest City.

Photo Credit: Official U.S. Navy Imagery