New Navy Commander Patrick Lorge Comes to San Diego in July

San Diego’s Navy is welcoming a new Navy Commander to the Southwest Navy region. The current commander, Rear Admiral Dixon Smith, is being assigned to take control of the Navy unit in Norfolk, Virginia. Smith will be leaving San Diego’s command in July.

The current responsibilities of Commander Smith in the Southwest Naval region consists of managing and supervising all California Naval vessels and property in addition to 5 other surrounding states.

News was released from the Pentagon on Thursday revealing the change in command from Rear Admiral Smith to Rear Admiral Patrick Lorge. Lorge is currently assigned as commandant of the Washington, D.C. Naval District.

Once July rolls around, Rear Admiral Smith will have completed 19 months of service with the San Diego Navy, which is fairly common since most commanding officers will keep the same position for about 2 or 3 years. However, if the Navy needs assistance in certain areas, this length of service may fluctuate with the needs of the military.

The new San Diego Navy Commander Patrick Lorge is a New Jersey native that has much experience commandeering Virginia’s Oceana Naval Air Station. Lorge was an aviator and has years of experience flying F-14 Tomcats. Lorge has also commanded the U.S. Navy Strike Fighter Squadron VFA-25.

Rear Admiral Patrick Lorge will be working in San Diego by July 2nd, taking Commander Smith’s position. A command ceremony will be held at the USS Midway Museum around this time. Smith’s current office is located at the Navy Complex on Harbor Drive and Broadway.