Newest Philippine Navy Warship BRP Ramon Alcaraz Comes to San Diego

The BRP Ramon Alcaraz is now the Philippine Navy’s newest warship and it is now in San Diego! Before reaching Manila, BRP Ramon Alcaraz will be docked in San Diego, according to the Philippine Embassy.

Earlier news has stated that it may take about two months for the BRP Alcaraz to reach the Philippines. Since its departure in May, the 378-foot-long BRP Ramon Alcaraz has been testing various parts and weapon systems aboard the new frigate.

During its voyage to San Diego, the Navy was able to complete successful testing of the ship’s main weapon system, a 76-mm Oto Melara cannon during its journey off the coast of Florida.

According to the Philippine Embassy, the ship’s new commander, Captain Ernesto Baldovino, was impressed with the results taken from the main weapon system testing. The test-firing of the BRP Ramon Alcaraz consisted of shooting at targets within a 2 to 3 mile distance.

At a cost of $15.15 million for repairs, refurbishing, and refitting, the BRP Ramon Alcaraz has undergone many different types of repair since its crossover into the Philippine Navy.

The BRP Ramon Alcaraz was named after a Philippine Navy officer called Commodore Ramon Alcaraz, whom was extremely successful in commanding a patrol boat that shot down three Japanese aircrafts.

BRP Ramon Alcaraz is a new Philippine Navy Gregorio del Pilar class frigate. Its recent switch over to the Philippine Navy proceeds its extensive history serving the U.S. Coast Guard. From 1968 to 2012, BRP Ramon Alcaraz was actually the USCGC Dallas, serving as a high-endurance cutter. The warship was decommissioned in March 2012 and thus acquired by the Philippines under the Foreign Assistance Act.

Ramon Alcaraz is one of many ex-US Coast Guard vessels that will now help to serve the Philippine Navy.

Photo Credit: U.S. Coast Guard