Receive Timely Transportation with San Diego’s Bus and Trolley Schedule

Using San Diego’s public transportation is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3! Getting a ride around San Diego is never as easy as with San Diego buses and trolleys. With an extensive map and timely schedules, you can travel around America’s Finest City in search of city life, coastal living, and everything in between.

This is just how simple your transportation can be with San Diego’s bus and trolley system.

1. Buy Daily or Monthly Bus & Trolley Passes

The best part about taking San Diego’s buses and trolleys is that daily and monthly passes are sold for UNLIMITED use of the buses and trolleys! You can go anywhere you’d like for the entire day or month for one flat rate. Forget pricey car rentals and escalating gas prices; you can save with San Diego’s public transportation.

2. Look at Bus & Trolley Routes & Times

The San Diego bus and trolley schedule is easy to use and it’s available on our website along with trolley and bus routes and maps. With the bus and trolley schedule, you can plan your trips and route them accordingly with the help of these important guides. It’s hard to get turned around with San Diego’s efficient bus and trolley system. Look on our website for our San Diego bus and trolley schedule!

3. Hop on from your Convenient Housing at Foxwood & Get on Your Way!

Once you have your bus and trolley pass and you know where to go, you can be on your way to San Diego’s beaches, downtown area, shopping centers, and historic sites in no time at all! The 933 bus stops just across the street from Foxwood Corporate Apartments. Hop on and be on-the-go in minutes with unlimited access to America’s Finest City. Come explore San Diego with Foxwood Apartments and fast public transport!

Photo Credit: DaShawn Harold Pretlow