San Diego Hiking Trails

San Diego is filled with great hiking spots. The mountains and curvy terrain are perfect for hiking and biking. With beautiful weather already here, it’s great to be outdoors and do some activity. Below are some beautiful trails to hike–enjoy the fantastic scenery!

Lake Poway to Mount Woodson

Located between Lake Poway and Espola Road, this trail had some of the highest reviews for being the most challenging, yet rewarding hike of the bunch. Starting at a public park in Poway, the 8.7 mile hike is steep but rewarding. The view is incredible and you will stumble the Poway dam, a wonderful view of San Diego’s downtown area, and the ocean throughout the hike. The trail is well taken care of and the hike is quiet and private.

Sunset Cliffs

Between Sunset Boulevard and Ocean Front Street, one can find an amazing cave-like adventure in Sunset cliffs. The 3.7 mile hike is best done at the end of the day; with just enough time to catch the sunset. The beauty and intimacy of a sunset are just too great to pass up. This trail is a great idea for a date with someone new or someone you really care about.

Mission Trails Regional Park

Mission Trails is one of the largest recreational parks in San Diego–with a span of 5,800 acres! All of the trails are relatively level and there isn’t as much scenery as the other above. But, Mission Trails Trail Map is so big, everytime you go you can take a different trail! It’s like a never-ending nature trail, complete with a 5 – 6 foot waterfall.

Torrey Pines State Reserve

The trails at Torrey Pines State Reserve stretch across 1,461 acres. All trails will usually start at the Torrey Pines lodge and consist of many different hikes looking at the ocean, groves, sandstone formations, exotic flowers, and much more.