What makes this San Diego SEAL guilty of battery?

Last Thursday, a Navy SEAL stationed in San Diego was charged for a drunken rampage along the Vegas strip which wounded eight people. The guilty SEAL, Luke Shawley attended the week-long trial without saying a word; the verdict concluded guilty verdicts on 7 counts of battery.

The whole nightmare began when Shawley was caught on surveillance video footage swinging a pipe around wildly. He injured eight of the employees that worked at the bar as well as street walkers. Three of the wounded went to the hospital and another was knocked unconscious. As Shawley’s lawyers tried to counteract the video clip, they claimed that Shawley had been drugged with Ecstasy and had around 30 alcoholic beverages that same night. Once more evidence of Shawley’s hair had been taken and no traces of Ecstasy were found, it was apparently clear that this case was going to be found guilty.

Luke Shawley will be facing up to fifteen years in prison and will be beginning the process ofdischarge with the U.S. Navy.