San Diego Shipyards Receive Large Naval Repair Contracts

Although San Diego’s shipyards have experienced a downturn in their work throughout the sequestration, these shipyards have seen things shift into a more positive direction within the last six months.

The U.S. Navy was forced to reduce the amount, which would be spent for ship repairs and maintenance. Luckily, more money has been able to free itself, allotting the Navy with much more freedom to continue with ship repairs.

The recipients of these Naval ship repairs are the local shipyards BAE Systems San Diego Ship Repair as well as General Dynamics-NASSCO.

BAE Systems was awarded $38.6 million to work on the USS Benfold, San Diego’s Naval destroyer with special missile defense equipment. This will mark a quick return to the shipyard seeing as the 505-foot ship was at BAE Systems just two years earlier for a major overhaul. This maintenance contract will focus on improving combat systems.

Next door to BAE Systems is General Dynamics-NASSCO, another large shipyard in San Diego. General Dynamics-NASSCO has been awarded $13 million from the U.S. Navy to maintain and enhance the 33-year-old USS Peleliu. The amphibious assault ship Peleliu is based in San Diego and is one of the oldest large ships in the U.S. Navy.

Both of these ships are in for minor overhauls consisting of improvements and enhancements. BAE Systems San Diego Ship Repair and General Dynamics-NASSCO are both pleased to have the opportunity to repair these heroic Naval ships.

Photo Credit: Naval Surface Warriors