Simple Summer Decorating Ideas to Brighten up Your Apartment

As the summer heat hits San Diego, it’s time to give our apartments a summer decor makeover. Switching out those heavy winter accessories and allowing your apartment to radiate summertime vibes is a wonderful feeling. You’ll instantly be in summer mode with these helpful summer decorating ideas. With DIY options or a quick swap of fabrics and patterns, you’ll instantly refresh the overall appearance of your apartment.

Let there be Light

During the winter, we typically like to have window treatments that block out all light while keeping the heat in. With all the heat and summer sun, it feels great to let in a little bit of sunshine and natural light to instantly brighten up the rooms. Opt for a sheer drape or an airy, perforated fabric that will allow the sun and breeze to come into your place and sweep out any heat or stale air. Your apartment will feel so much better with a little light shining through.

Throw in some Pillows

Adding in some fun colors with throw pillows is the perfect way to get that pop of color without changing your entire apartment decor. You can make your own or purchase some small ones at the store. Vibrant colors like turquoise, orange, or yellow will add a touch of summertime fun as well as an interesting contrast to otherwise neutral backgrounds.

Keep it Clean

When our apartment is clean, we feel better about where we are living. The best way to keep your place ready for anything is to keep up on accumulating piles of clutter and miscellaneous papers. Clean off those items that find their way to the counter top or floor. You can also invest in some woven baskets and place them in areas where your clutter tends to pile up. This way, you can stow away those baskets quickly and easily if you have guests or unexpected visitors stopping by at a moment’s notice. Another great storage method is an ottoman with additional storage space within. You can stow away any odds and ends and puts the cover on to simply mask any disarray.

Spruce up with Floral Decor

Flower power is back! but not in prints this summer! Go natural with some plants or flowers that really bring the outdoors to your apartment’s interior. With low-maintenance greenery, herbs, or floral arrangements, your apartment will feel more vibrant and lively. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, fake orchids or hydrangeas look stunning in smaller places. Another low-key option for apartment living is to create a terrarium! These little spheres of tiny plants are wonderful for minimal upkeep as well as a punch of interesting plant life.