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San Diego’s Bus & Trolley Schedule Makes Summer Sightseeing so Simple

It’s vacation time and the last thing you need to be worried about is how you’re going to get around town! San Diego, known as America’s Finest City, has a multitude of wonderful events all around the county. If you were here last weekend, you may have caught a glimpse of San Diego’s International Comic Convention that brings in thousands of visitors from all over the world.

San Diego is easily accessible using the local bus and trolley system that can take you anywhere from downtown San Diego to East County. You can ride around town leisurely without having to fuss over complex directions or pay a boatload of cash for rising gas prices and expensive car rentals.

The San Diego bus and trolley schedule is very convenient, so you’ll be on your way to your designated destination in no time at all. For the best of convenience, affordability, and efficiency, you can’t go wrong with San Diego’s public transportation.

It’s a cinch to use the San Diego bus and trolley system while you’re staying at Foxwood Corporate Apartments. The 933 bus station is located just across the street on Delcardo Avenue; all you need to do is scurry across the street and you’ll be in line for the next bus! The 933 bus stops around town at shopping centers, restaurants, and movie theaters along the way but you’ll arrive at the Palm Avenue Trolley Station in minutes. From there, the opportunities are endless! You’ll have San Diego’s finest attractions accessible whenever you’d like.

For more information about our accommodations at Foxwood Apartments, or an interactive trolley map, please visit us online. We also have San Diego bus and trolley schedules available for you so that you’ll always know when the next bus or trolley is on its way.

Consider taking San Diego’s public transportation and enjoy the best parts of America’s Finest City while you relax on your vacation. We look forward to your stay in sunny San Diego!

Transportation you can Count On with the San Diego Bus and Trolley Schedule

Navigating your way through a foreign town is never an easy task. Luckily, San Diego has a bus and trolley system that surpasses many American cities. If you’re coming to Southern California for vacation, business or military purposes, the San Diego public transportation can help with commutes, sightseeing, and being on time to any meeting or social event.

San Diego, also known as America’s Finest City, is a melting pot of culture and individuality. Each neighborhood of the city is unique in its own way. Sightseeing may seem like a daunting task, but San Diego public transportation is up for the challenge, allowing you to travel to many eclectic parts of town and out-of-this-world attractions. You’ll absolutely love taking in the scenery with San Diego’s public transport.

What’s even better about San Diego’s buses and trolleys is that you’ll have convenient access at any time from Foxwood Corporate Apartments. Our temporary housing is located just across the street from the 933 bus station on Delcardo Avenue. Simply cross the street and hop on! Within minutes you’ll be stopping at shopping centers, restaurants, and the Palm Avenue Trolley Station. Once you have arrived at the trolley station, it will be a breeze to get anywhere in San Diego from Coronado and the Tijuana/U.S. border to the beaches and major shopping districts.

The timely San Diego bus and trolley schedule will help you plan your days in America’s Finest City. Please visit our website for an interactive bus and trolley map, special directions, and the San Diego bus and trolley schedule. Enjoy your time in San Diego with the fast, convenient, and inexpensive transportation provided by our buses and trolleys, Unlimited use daily and monthly passes are available!

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Easy Transportation at your Fingertips with San Diego Bus and Trolley Schedules

There’s a reason why you decided to come to America’s Finest City. With so many attractions and events planned in San Diego, you’re going to love the convenient location of Foxwood Corporate Apartments for your magical stay in Southern California.

Here at Foxwood Corporate Apartments, it’s a breeze to take San Diego’s public transportation. With the 933 bus stop just across the street on Delcardo Avenue, you can be on the bus in minutes, arriving at your desired destination quickly and efficiently. Once you’re on the 933 bus, the Palm Avenue Trolley Station is 10 minutes away. With access to the trolley, you’ll be able to travel on 4 different trolley lines for unlimited routes around the city.

If you’re in San Diego for military purposes, it can be very convenient to take the bus for work commutes. The 933 bus goes directly to Palm and 9th Street in Imperial Beach. With one transfer to the 901 bus, you’ll go to Naval Amphibious Base Coronado as well as the front gate of Naval Air Station North Island.  It is no surprise that you’ll love commutes to work by bus when you stay at Foxwood Corporate Apartments.

Another great reason to take San Diego buses and trolleys is that the tickets are fairly priced. Day passes are useful for unlimited access to both buses and trolleys all day. If you plan on using public transportation often, monthly passes are available at Vons Stores and Trolley Centers.

Enjoy your stay in San Diego with San Diego’s public transportation system. The San Diego bus and trolley schedule along with San Diego trolley and bus maps are available on the Foxwood Corporate Apartments website. See just how quick and easy it is to travel to San Diego’s finest attractions from downtown San Diego and Coronado to beaches and the Tijuana/U.S. border.

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Receive Timely Transportation with San Diego’s Bus and Trolley Schedule

Using San Diego’s public transportation is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3! Getting a ride around San Diego is never as easy as with San Diego buses and trolleys. With an extensive map and timely schedules, you can travel around America’s Finest City in search of city life, coastal living, and everything in between.

This is just how simple your transportation can be with San Diego’s bus and trolley system.

1. Buy Daily or Monthly Bus & Trolley Passes

The best part about taking San Diego’s buses and trolleys is that daily and monthly passes are sold for UNLIMITED use of the buses and trolleys! You can go anywhere you’d like for the entire day or month for one flat rate. Forget pricey car rentals and escalating gas prices; you can save with San Diego’s public transportation.

2. Look at Bus & Trolley Routes & Times

The San Diego bus and trolley schedule is easy to use and it’s available on our website along with trolley and bus routes and maps. With the bus and trolley schedule, you can plan your trips and route them accordingly with the help of these important guides. It’s hard to get turned around with San Diego’s efficient bus and trolley system. Look on our website for our San Diego bus and trolley schedule!

3. Hop on from your Convenient Housing at Foxwood & Get on Your Way!

Once you have your bus and trolley pass and you know where to go, you can be on your way to San Diego’s beaches, downtown area, shopping centers, and historic sites in no time at all! The 933 bus stops just across the street from Foxwood Corporate Apartments. Hop on and be on-the-go in minutes with unlimited access to America’s Finest City. Come explore San Diego with Foxwood Apartments and fast public transport!

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Allow the San Diego Bus and Trolley Schedule to Guide you Around Town

San Diego is full of little quirks, eccentric neighborhoods, and breathtaking scenery. Just exploring all of San Diego’s diverse backdrops can prove to be challenging in a short time period. Get comfortable and stay for a while. At Foxwood Corporate Apartments, we have luxuriously furnished apartments with a convenient location near major freeways and many attractions.

However, the best way to see the sights of America’s Finest City is with San Diego’s public transportation. You’ll save time and money with daily or monthly passes for unlimited use. The San Diego bus and trolley schedule also makes it easy to get on and off at certain stops quickly and efficiently.

During your stay with us at Foxwood Apartments, you’ll find that it’s so simple to connect with the buses and trolleys of San Diego. A bus stop is located on Delcardo Avenue, right across the street from our accommodations. This bus will take you to all the local business centers within reach where you’ll find many restaurants, stores, supermarkets, and movie theatres. After a few minutes, the bus will stop at the Palm Avenue Trolley Station, a hub for San Diego’s multi-line trolley system. Once you’ve hopped on the trolley, you’ll have access to downtown San Diego, Mission Valley, Imperial Beach, Old Town, and many other wonderful places. See more about our San Diego bus and trolley schedule or maps at Foxwood Apartments online.

Nothing beats San Diego’s public transportation in affordability and convenience. With a temporary stay in America’s Finest City, make sure you savor every moment of the SoCal lifestyle. Live with us at Foxwood Apartments, and you’ll create an unforgettable trip in an unforgettable town. Contact us today for more information about our temporary apartments or San Diego’s bus and trolley system.

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