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A Military Stay in San Diego Foxwood Apartments is the Best Choice for Off Base Living

Celebrate our nation’s freedom at the one and only Foxwood Corporate Apartments in San Diego! Our special off base military housing is perfect for family stays as well as accommodations for one. Whether you’re here for training, military assignments, or any other military-related purpose, just know that Foxwood Apartments will always be here for your military housing needs.

With one- and two-bedroom military apartments, you will love the location, the amenities, and especially the price! We offer all furnished military apartments at a special discounted rate for any traveling military members. For an exceptional price, the luxurious resort-style setting and loads of amenities are the icing on the cake! With a year-round heated pool and spa, lush greenery, and curved paths leading right up to your front door, you’ll feel like you live in a tropical resort.

Once you’re inside the military apartments of Foxwood, you’ll discover designer décor that’s bursting with practical essentials. From the TV and DVD player in the living room to a full-size kitchen complete with all kitchenware and dishware, your military apartment will be accessible and comfortable in every way imaginable.

The location of our San Diego apartments is also ideal for any Navy or Marine Corps active duty visitor. Our convenient location is right next to the I-5 and I-805 freeways so that you can hop on the freeway and be to the Naval bases in just minutes! We are very close to other great attractions like downtown San Diego, Coronado, and Old Town so you can enjoy the city when you’re not at work.

With the combination of an ideal location, loads of amenities, and a military discount that can’t be beat, Foxwood Apartments is the number one choice for military housing in San Diego. Check us out online and see all our photos, military apartment information, and a complete list of amenities. Enjoy your 4th and be impressed with a military stay fit for anyone at Foxwood Apartments.

Live Every Day in Paradise with San Diego’s Premier Off Base Military Housing

If you’re stationed in San Diego during the summer, staying with Foxwood Corporate Apartments will surely make your military stay memorable. The resort style ambiance makes you feel as if you’re coming home to paradise; what a great way to live in America’s Finest City. Our military apartments are close to the Naval bases and provide a great escape from work.

Our one- and two-bedroom military apartments are fully furnished with great furniture and wall art that warms up the entire place. Each apartment is loaded with amenities like kitchenware, dishware, towels, linens, electronics, and more! Aside from all these apartment perks, you’ll love the onsite parking and access to the heated pool and spa just steps away from your front door.

If you’re worried about your daily commute to the Naval bases, Foxwood Corporate Apartments has a convenient location near the I-805 and I-5 freeways. You will be at the 32nd Street Naval Base and Coronado Island in minutes. There is also public transportation located on Delcardo Avenue across the street from Foxwood. You can hop on and be at the Naval Bases in just 10-15 minutes.

We are also located close to Downtown San Diego, Old Town, Mission Valley and Sea World so take the time to explore these other great San Diego neighborhoods during your stay. Enjoy your military assignment in San Diego with an off base military apartment here at Foxwood –we also have a special military discount on all apartments. Contact us today for more details about your future military accommodations in San Diego.

Foxwood Apartments: Serving up the Best of Off Base Military Housing

Living in paradise is a definite possibility when you’re stationed in sunny San Diego for military duty. Here at Foxwood Corporate Apartments, we provide a peaceful environment that’s close to the Naval Bases… it’s the perfect combination of a luxurious resort-style vacation with a practical location. With the best in quality and value, it’s tough to find comparable accommodations for military housing.

Comfort is key at Foxwood Corporate Apartments. We want our guests to be as comfortable as possible. Our one- and two-bedroom military apartments are equipped with upscale furniture, designer selected wall art, and a multitude of amenities that guarantee you’ll have exactly what you need in San Diego military housing. Our apartments feel like a resort-style getaway situated on a greenbelt garden park surrounded by beautiful trees, foliage, and flowers. The year-round heated pool and spa are also accessible to our special Foxwood guests.

Another great thing about our off base military apartments is that they are so close to the San Diego Naval bases, Coronado, downtown San Diego, Old Town, and the beaches. You’ll have instant access to the major I-5 and I-805 freeways, located just blocks away from Foxwood Apartments. Restaurants, shopping centers, and movie theaters are just a short drive down the road. When you’re staying with Foxwood Apartments, you’ll have everything you need in one central location.

And we wouldn’t let you stay here unless we let you know how much we appreciate your devotion to our nation’s military forces. As a thank you for your heroic actions, we have a special discounted military rate for any active duty renter. For more information about our military discount, furnished apartments, or additional amenities, please visit us online today. We can’t wait to be your home away from home in San Diego!

Military Members! An Off Base Stay at Foxwood Apartments is Perfect for You!

Look no further than Foxwood Corporate Apartments for your military stay in San Diego! Whether you’re in the Marines, Navy, Air Force, or special military branch, Foxwood Apartments offers off base military housing that’s convenient and affordable. If you’ve been searching for a furnished apartment that will fully satisfy all your military housing needs, you’ll be completely happy living with us at Foxwood.

Enjoy the peaceful and relaxing environment of a country club atmosphere that’s full of lush greenery and beautiful gardens. The year-round heated pool and spa are also great for relaxation during your temporary military stay in America’s Finest City. Along with this beautiful backdrop, you’ll thoroughly love the designer-decorated apartments that come with a multitude of amenities.

The spacious floor plan, upscale furnishings, and loads of essentials will surely beat any military housing in the San Diego County area. Each one- and two-bedroom military apartment will come with all kitchenware, cookware, appliances, cable-ready TV and DVD player, bath towels, and bed linens. You can see a complete list of amenities at Foxwood Corporate Apartments online.

Another perk to Foxwood’s military housing is the convenient access to military bases and freeways. Located just minutes away from 32nd Street Naval Base, you’ll be on the job in no time at all! Our apartments are also blocks away from the I-5 and I-805 freeways, hop on and you’ll be in downtown San Diego, Old Town, Mission Valley, and the beaches in 5-10 minutes. For off base military housing that’s close to work and fun attractions, nothing compares to Foxwood Apartments.

For the best in quality and price, Foxwood Corporate Apartments is the perfect choice for military accommodations in San Diego. Contact us today for more information about our military discounts and housing in addition to our quick and easy application process. Enjoy your military stay to the fullest with the perfect solution to military housing, Foxwood Apartments.

Military Housing at Affordable Rates with San Diego’s Foxwood Apartments

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Find affordable military housing without sacrificing the comfort and convenience of home living. There’s no other military home that compares to the relaxing environment of Foxwood Apartments. With San Diego’s military population steadily increasing, it’s important to find military accommodations that fit with your schedule and personality. At Foxwood Apartments in San Diego, our military housing provides you with the greatest value at the best price.

Settle into the gorgeous country-club setting of Foxwood Apartments, with beautiful green surroundings, on-site parking, and nearby laundry facilities, our apartments have a soothing ambiance that is great for relaxing along with practical amenities that will make your life easier. Foxwood’s military apartments also have a peaceful lounge area with a heated pool and spa that all will enjoy after long working hours or during the weekend.

Another unbelievably great feature is the easily accessible freeways and public transportation. When you stay at Foxwood Apartments, you’ll be located just blocks away from the major freeways, I-805 and I-5. If a car rental seems to be a bit too much for your military stay in San Diego, Foxwood Apartments is also located just across the street from the 933 bus. You can hop on at any allotted time and you’ll be commuting to work or going out on the town in no time at all. Whether you take the car or the bus and trolley, commuting to the Naval bases in San Diego will be a breeze.

Don’t sacrifice the comfort of home living when you choose your San Diego military housing. Allow yourself to enjoy the resort-style vacation escape of Foxwood Apartments even if you are on military duty in America’s Finest City. With affordable military rates, it will be hard to pass up this phenomenal deal for quality apartments. Consider Foxwood Corporate Apartments for your military home away from home!