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Fast Commutes & Delightful Adventures Found on San Diego’s Buses & Trolleys

Are you visiting San Diego for vacation, work, or military duty? If so, you are in luck! San Diego’s bus and trolley system can help you visit San Diego’s cool attractions, busy business districts, and San Diego Naval bases. The fast commutes and affordable tickets will get you all around San Diego County without breaking the bank!

With incredibly convenient public transportation, your temporary stay in San Diego will be laidback and relaxed… just like the locals! The best part of all is that Foxwood Corporate Apartments is located across the street from the 933 bus station, allowing you to get up and go as soon as you walk out the front door.

Once you board the 933 bus, you can stop at various restaurants and shopping centers or head to the Palm Avenue trolley station that connects to many major areas and neighborhoods around America’s Finest City. Coronado, Naval bases, Downtown San Diego, Mission Valley, Sea World, Old Town and the beaches are within reach using San Diego public transportation. For more information about San Diego bus and trolley schedules, maps, or our location, please visit Foxwood Corporate Apartments online.

Here at Foxwood Apartments, we want you to enjoy your stay… and getting around is an integral part of that. Guaranteed to bring you the best of temporary housing and San Diego’s public transportation, Foxwood Corporate Apartments will ensure your stay is nothing short of fantastic. With fast commutes and delightful adventures, San Diego’s buses and trolleys will surely liven up any journey to the West Coast.

Photo Credit: Keoni Cabral

San Diego Bus & Trolley Schedules Allow You to Live like a Local

San Diego trolleyFast, convenient, and cheap transportation? Sign me up! The bus and trolley system of San Diego is thriving with its updated trolley line routes and bus and trolley schedules. You can get to just about everywhere in San Diego using the buses and trolleys. You’ll also love the convenience of staying with Foxwood Apartments, which happens to be located just across the street from the bus station.

With the help of San Diego’s public transportation, you can see many different places in and around San Diego. The San Diego Naval bases, downtown San Diego, Mission Valley, shopping centers and beaches are all accessible using the buses and trolleys! All you have to do is hop on and navigate your way around San Diego’s distinct districts and neighborhoods.

Not only will you have a relaxing and enjoyable ride through San Diego, you’ll also love the price! Daily and monthly passes will allow you to save a lot of money for unlimited access to San Diego County’s transportation. Discounted passes can be purchased at any Vons supermarket or trolley station. Once you have your pass for the day, you can travel all over San Diego… and even to the Tijuana/U.S. border!

If you’ve been living in San Diego without public transportation, you have been missing out. The fast and affordable San Diego buses and trolleys will ensure your trip to San Diego runs smoothly. Live like a local and take the public transportation of America’s Finest City. For more information, please check out Foxwood Apartments’ public transportation section for maps, schedules, and much more.

Explore 3 Great Destinations with San Diego Bus & Trolley Schedules

With the convenience of the bus and trolley schedule, you can explore America’s Finest City effortlessly. San Diego’s public transportation allows you to visit San Diego’s world famous attractions without worrying about expensive car rentals and rising gas prices.

Foxwood Corporate Apartments has a great location near the 933 bus, you can navigate your way all around town using the quick and convenient San Diego bus and trolley schedules.

Here are just a few hot spots you must see while you’re in San Diego… and they’re easy to get to with San Diego’s public transport:

Old Town

Known as the birthplace of San Diego, Old Town will take you back to the 1850’s when San Diego first became a town! The historical portion of Old Town is truly a treasure with a beautiful theatre, museums, galleries, shops, and free live entertainment. Every Saturday, Old Town hosts its own artist market, it’s so fun to appreciate the local talent!

You’ll also love the period attire that many employees wear and the old town vibes that are so endearing. You’ll find yourself coming back for more! Old Town is located just across the street from the San Diego Trolley Old Town Transit Center.


The award-winning San Diego beach is a must-see. It’s Coronado Island! This beautiful beach town is the perfect combination of phenomenal beaches, lots of surf, and charming shops. Many people come to Coronado to admire the Hotel Del Coronado and the Coronado Bridge, however, there’s a lot more to see in Coronado! The main street called Orange Street is overflowing with great boutiques, mouth-watering restaurants, and dozens of interesting stops along the way.

Coronado draws in visitors from around the world! Don’t miss this opportunity to visit America’s #1 Beach in 2012, Coronado Island!

Gaslamp Quarter

The Gaslamp Quarter is the heart of America’s Finest City! Whether you’re in San Diego to work or play, the Gaslamp Quarter may be the highlight of your vacation. With premier nightclubs, swanky restaurants, and unique shops, downtown San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter has it all! Accessible through the San Diego bus and trolley system, you can come to the Gaslamp Quarter whenever you’d like!

Choose San Diego’s public transportation to explore these hot spots around San Diego! Visit our website for maps, San Diego bus and trolley schedules, and more! You’ll love your San Diego vacation with the easy, convenient, and inexpensive buses and trolleys of San Diego.

Get Around Town Easily with San Diego’s Easy-To-Use Bus & Trolley System

You’ll never have a problem getting around San Diego while you’re staying at Foxwood Corporate Apartments. When you choose Foxwood Apartments as your home in San Diego, you’ll enjoy the convenient bus stop that’s just next to our apartments on Delcado Avenue.

From the 933 bus outside of Foxwood Apartments, you’ll have access to all of San Diego’s hottest spots. The gorgeous beaches, historical landmarks, beautiful neighborhoods, and lively nightlife will be available to you using San Diego’s bus and trolley system. Explore San Diego easily with a smooth ride to anywhere you want to go.

Save some money on your temporary stay in San Diego and opt for public transportation that can get you to all your favorite destinations at only a fraction of the cost to rent a car. The daily bus and trolley tickets are just $5 for unlimited access to all buses and trolleys in San Diego County. For more savings, purchase a monthly pass at a trolley station or Von’s grocery store and you’ll have convenient transportation whenever you need it.

The bus and trolley schedule is easy to navigate and fun to use. It’s nice to enjoy San Diego’s scenery along the trolley lines and the extra time you have while traveling allows you to do other things like read, talk on the phone, or plan your day. Check out our public transportation page for more information on our location as well as San Diego bus and trolley schedules and maps. With the help of San Diego’s buses and trolleys, you’ll be all around town in a flash. Stay with Foxwood Apartments and experience San Diego in the best way imaginable.

Added Convenience for your Busy Schedule with the San Diego Bus & Trolley

bus and trolley schedule

San Diego is a big and busy city. Paired with your hectic schedule, it’s easy to see that there is not enough time in the day to see and do it all. If you’re looking to add a little free time to your schedule, why not try the San Diego bus and trolley system? If you’ve been staying with Foxwood Corporate Apartments, the convenience of public transportation is literally right under your nose!

At Foxwood Corporate Apartments, we are located just across the street from the 933 bus station. Once you board the 933 bus, you’ll be on your way through town to the Palm Avenue trolley station. From the trolley, you can reach pretty much any mark on San Diego’s map, and the additional time sitting on the trolley will allow you to catch up on reading, make phone calls, or respond to emails. If you incorporate the San Diego bus and trolley into your schedule, you will feel so accomplished and put together for the New Year, just by having a little free time during your commute can save you hours every week.

Foxwood Corporate Apartments wants to ensure that you have the best temporary stay in San Diego, with the help of San Diego’s bus and trolley system, you’ll never have to be stuck without a ride. For more information about San Diego’s bus and trolley schedule, maps, and timetables, please visit our Public Transportation section of our website. Let Foxwood Corporate Apartments help you get premium housing with the convenience of public transportation across the street, check out our photos and video gallery on our website as well!