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Navy’s Public Service Announcement Shares Dangers of Bath Salt Usage

Navy PSA

The war against bath salts continues. The U.S. Navy is broadcasting a new Public Service Announcement to help combat the usage of the extremely dangerous drug, bath salts.

The Navy’s new PSA is mildly disturbing with a raw and graphic 6-minute clip that portrays the effects of bath salts through the eyes of a sailor. The PSA is called “It’s not a Fad. It’s a Nightmare.” and shows a sailor ingesting bath salts resulting in hallucination side effects that make him believe his girlfriend and roommate are demonic. The sailor is then rushed to the hospital where he is treated for bath salt side effects.

The dangerous side effects can be both physical and psychiatric from seizures and heart attacks to auditory and visual hallucinations. The worst of all bath salt side effects is death. The U.S. Navy wants to prevent sailors from this synthetic drug and ensure that their work lives and love lives are not affected by bath salt usage.

The Naval Medical Center in San Diego’s Lieutenant George Loeffler has seen many cases of bath salt usage and is featured in the Naval PSA. Lt. Loeffler had this to say about the dangers of synthetic “designer” drugs: “First of all these are substances that have never been tested on human beings. Most often haven’t been tested on animals either. Furthermore, it’s not a single substance, it’s actually a class of substances. You have no idea what you’re getting, what amount you’re getting, and we don’t know what effects that they have on human beings.”

The Navy still stands by their zero tolerance towards drug usage and this does include bath salts. Approximately 90 sailors from San Diego based Naval ships were kicked out of the Navy for using “designer” drugs, the Navy is hoping to bring awareness to the dangers of bath salts and try to encourage sailors to stay away from the substance. Continual testing is still being researched and fine-tuned for bath salts and spice.

Below is the Navy PSA regarding bath salts. Beware, this video is graphic!

Navy Fighter Jet Pilots Fly at the Miramar Air Show

The Marine Corps announced late last week that the annual Miramar Air Show would have a special guest performance this year, the U.S. Navy’s talented Blue Angels. The blue-and-gold flight demonstration squadron consists of a Navy aviator team with the exception of one Marine Corps pilot.

The Blue Angels, formed in 1946, are the oldest flying aerobatic team. Participating in over 70 shows in 34 locations all around the United States, the Blue Angels are notorious for their breath-taking shows. The team will perform in their F/A-18 Hornet fighter jets along with a Marine Corps C-130 Hercules cargo plane also known as “Fat Albert.”

The Marine Corps Air Station in Miramar will host its air show from September 30th to October 2nd in honorable salute to San Diego for being the birthplace of naval aviation and continuing to contribute to naval aviation for the past 100 years.

Other air show performances will be the Air Force F-16 Falcons, the Marine Corps’ AV-8B Harrier jumper jets, and the Army’s Golden Knights parachute team.