Trolleys & Buses Make it Easy to Explore America’s Finest City

What are you waiting for? San Diego has a plethora of fun things to do and hundreds of great places to explore! Known as America’s Finest City, San Diego has got to be the best location for a vacation. In addition to its beautiful weather and unbelievable attractions, the buses and trolleys of San Diego allow you to visit the sights at a moment’s notice.

With timely bus and trolley schedules and an extensive transportation system, you can travel around San Diego effortlessly. Our apartments here at Foxwood Corporate Apartments have an ideal location just next door to San Diego’s public transportation. Hop on the 933 bus on Delcardo Avenue and you can be on your way to many of San Diego’s hot spots.

Mission Valley, Downtown San Diego, Little Italy, Old Town, beaches, and the U.S./Mexico border are merely a short stop away from Foxwood Apartments. If you’re staying in San Diego for business or military purposes, the San Diego bus and trolley system can also help with commutes. You can relax on the trolley without having to worry about traffic jams, confusing directions, and escalating gas prices. Allow San Diego’s Foxwood Apartments to be your home away from home, you’ll enjoy the relaxing lifestyle and convenience of transportation at the foot of your doorstep.

For more information regarding our apartments or the San Diego bus and trolley schedules, please visit us online. With quick public transportation, you’ll only be a hop, skip, and a jump away from San Diego’s hottest events and coolest destinations.

Photo Credit: THE Holy Hand Grenade!