U.S. Navy Ships Come & Go from San Diego Bay: USS Decatur & USS Preble

The San Diego Bay is continuing to see a lot of Naval vessels coming and going from its large Naval base. The U.S. Navy’s USS Preble is a guided-missile destroyer that deployed from San Diego on Friday. Headed to the Western Pacific, USS Preble has a crew of 30 officers and 270 enlisted personnel.

Although there was a little uncertainty about the ship’s deployment due to sequestration budget cuts, the 510-foot USS Preble was approved for deployment and the crew was ready to go.

Commander Kurt M. Sellerberg of the Preble added, “The crew trained hard over the past year and is very much looking forward to executing the mission on deployment.”

While USS Preble is entering its deployment, its sister ship USS Decatur just returned to San Diego on Friday from its deployment in the Western Pacific. The USS Decatur accomplished a lot during its 8-month deployment in the Middle East and Western Pacific. With a crew of 33 officers, 39 petty officers, and 210 enlisted personnel, USS Decatur entered its deployment on August 17th when it had departed San Diego Bay.

USS Decatur is a guided-missile destroyer that worked to strengthen relationships of local mariners in order to maintain open shipping lanes, according to Naval officials. Helping to keep these sea lanes open is pertinent to keeping a steady line of trade with one of the world’s largest oil suppliers.

USS Decatur was welcomed back to San Diego on Friday, its tremendous hard work and dedication to the U.S. Navy was recognized as the ship pulled up to port.

Photo Credit: Official U.S. Navy Imagery