USS Thach Departs San Diego for Deployment against Drug Smugglers

San Diego Navy and Thach

The San Diego-based guided-missile frigate, USS Thach, left San Diego last week for a six-month deployment to the Central American region.

The purpose of USS Thach’s deployment is to aid in the patrolling of the Central American region. Known for its significant amount of drug smuggling, USS Thach will be there to patrol for drug traffickers and other illegal activities, stated by the Naval Surface Forces’ public affairs office.

The 453-foot USS Thach will have a crew of 220 sailors. A group of U.S. Coast Guard servicemen will also be aboard Thach in order to help with operations concerning maritime smugglers. This Coast Guard crew is highly trained in the interception of drug traffickers and belongs to a special partnership with the USS Thach.

Thach’s commanding officer, Commander Hans Lynch, said, “We are really excited to go down to Central America and do our part. The crew is anxious to put all their hard training to good use.”

Cmdr. Lynch added, “We’re just going to take a look at them, we’re gonna do a ‘right of approach’ warning, we’re gonna go see what their flags look like and see if anything smells funny.”

USS Curts, another guided-missile frigate, just recently returned from a similar deployment where they arrested three suspected drug traffickers and seized 2,200 pounds of illegal narcotics. Their success in the continuing drug trafficking epidemic ensures that the USS Thach will definitely be busy.

The frigate USS Thach was named after a Navy aviator in World War II, the late Admiral John “Jimmy” S. Thach. While stationed in San Diego, Admiral Thach invented the dogfighting tactic called the Thach Weave. The Thach Weave if when two or more fighter pilots are working with one another. The pilots will weave or cross paths multiple times in order to trick the enemy during an attack. The Navy pilots in World War II used this tactic to overcome the Japanese aircraft’s advanced mobility.

This is a video of the USS Thach in San Diego. Let’s wish for a successful deployment and safe return to San Diego for the Navy sailors and Coast Guard crew of USS Thach.