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Discounts for San Diego Military Personnel

How to Save Money Renting Furnished Apartments in San Diego

There are many reasons why people come to San Diego. Ideal weather, beautiful beaches, big shopping malls, picturesque parks, and furnished apartments San Diego are some of the things that attract 33 million visitors to the city each year.

Types of Extended Stay Accommodations in San Diego

San Diego offers a wide array of accommodations for short or extended stay. Apart from hotels, B&Bs and guest houses, furnished apartments San Diego are one of the most luxurious as well as economical accommodations to stay. San Diego leads America as far as organized apartment rentals are concerned, as you can find many serviced apartments in this city.

What Furnished Apartments San Diego Contain

Furnished apartments for rent in San Diego are equipped with fully fitted kitchens, cozy bedrooms, and spacious living rooms. There’s usually a choice available between single- and double-bedroom units. Each bedroom has a queen-size bed, dresser, 2 night stands, and 2 lamps. Two-bedroom apartments may feature one or two bathrooms, however, those with a single bathroom are more economical to rent. The kitchens incorporate refrigerators, gas stoves, ovens, and microwaves. The living rooms have cushy couches and comfortable chairs, tables and lamps. There’s a snug dining area attached with the kitchen and living room. Professionally managed, purpose-built furnished apartments San Diego come with a host of amenities and facilities to make your stay enjoyable. They usually feature a weekly cleaning service, which includes changing the linens, vacuuming, dusting, and bathroom cleaning. These apartments are situated amidst immaculately manicured lawns and green belts. The more upscale apartment complexes offer facilities such as heated pools and spas, apart from ample parking space for your car(s).

Saving Money on Furnished Apartments San Diego

You can save considerably on furnished apartments for rent in San Diego if you plan well and follow some simple tips. Here they are:

Planning Your Trip: Before you go shopping for furnished apartments San Diego online, you should give some thought to the purpose and budget of your trip. Make a list of the places that you’ll be visiting more frequently. For instance, if you are going to be deployed at a military base, or will be visiting a particular office on a daily basis, your first priority should be to rent a furnished San Diego apartment close to that location. Even if you find a cheap rental located far away from your place of work, the cost of your daily commute might offset the benefit of the low rent. If you’ll be staying with your spouse and one or two small kids, would it be possible to accommodate yourselves in a single-bedroom apartment? If yes, you’ll be saving a good amount as compared to if you were renting a double-bedroom apartment.

Services: When looking online for furnished apartments for rent in San Diego, you should consider the type of services that are included in your rental. Going for an apartment that comes with a weekly cleaning service might cost you a bit extra, but will save you from the hassle of cleaning up or having to live under hygienically compromised conditions, which might lead to health problems. Falling sick while on vacation will suck the joy out of your trip, apart from costing you in terms of healthcare bills. Similarly, an apartment located in a complex that has free parking will save you money that you might need to pay in case you’ve to park your car in a paid parking lot. Having a swimming pool, spa and other such facilities will make your vacations more enjoyable. Availing these facilities privately will cost you extra money. Comparing Prices: Before booking a particular apartment, you should shortlist at least 3 furnished apartments San Diego. After that, compare these shortlisted properties in terms of the rents they charge, the locations they boast, and the services they provide. List the pros and cons of each property. You might be able to save some money if you compromise on your standard of living; however, you should ask yourself (and your family) if it’s a compromise that all of you are willing to make. Saving money at the cost of having a substandard living may not be acceptable to some people, while others may find it more feasible considering their budget. The decision entirely depends upon your choice, preference and budget.

Logistics and Transport: One of the benefits of furnished apartments for rent in San Diego is that you can save money by cooking your own meals. However, you should see that the groceries and other cooking items are easily available in the vicinity of your apartment. If you are not taking your car with you, you should make sure that public transport is easily available close by. Travelling by taxi or rented car may send your expenses through the roof.

Negotiating with Owner: There are many online property listings available for furnished apartments San Diego. When you are booking with these websites, they usually connect you with the owner after you’ve provided your credentials. However, you should keep in mind that the price listed on such websites includes the broker’s commission, and may not reflect the lowest prices. It is better to book your apartment with a company that deals directly with its own properties, as you can either rent a better apartment for the same price or enjoy a substantial discount. Regardless of whether you are booking through an agent or directly with the apartments’ own website, you should negotiate the price with the owners. Remember that the prices can vary widely depending upon the season and the occupancy rates. The price on the website is not something that is set in stone. These tips may seem simple and based on common sense, but it’s the small savings that you make at each step that accumulate into a hefty amount at the end of your stay. The money that you save on furnished apartments for rent in San Diego can be spent on entertainment and can make your vacations much more enjoyable.

Off Base Navy Housing

Military Housing in Imperial Beach is the Best Choice for Living Off-Base

Living on-base has some advantages; you are close to everything you need, and you are near your friends and family. Living off-base has advantages as well. You have more options for apartments and houses. When you are trying to make the decision of living on- or off-base, you should consider a few things.

If you are stationed in the San Diego area, military housing in Imperial Beach should be incredibly attractive. The very best companies offer luxury apartments right at the beach. The small town is located right on the southernmost beach city in the United States. It is fourteen miles from downtown San Diego and five miles from downtown Tijuana, Mexico.

If you have a brief stay in San Diego before deploying elsewhere or going home for good, you might look into staying for a month or two in Imperial Beach.


If you are only going to be in southern California for a month or so, you might consider military housing off-base. Since you probably do not want to move all of your stuff from one place to the next when you are only staying for a few months, you can put your stuff in storage and stay off-base.

A fully-furnished apartment from the very best companies in southern California means that your apartment will come with a television, DVD player, and much more. Some companies only provide furniture for a fully-furnished apartment, but the best companies provide everything, including pots, pans, plates, silverware, linens, and bedsheets. Everything you need to live comfortably for a few months will be provided.

That means you can carry your clothes into your apartment and be ready to go. You can’t beat the five-minute move-in time.


When you are serving in the military, you deserve to have the finer things from time to time. Imperial Beach, California definitely qualifies as one of the finer things. There are over ninety golf courses in the San Diego area. The weather in southern California is pleasant almost year-round, and the beaches are usually not crowded. Miles and miles of white sand will be right outside your door.


Because military housing is only going to be temporary, you need it to be flexible. If you are about to ship to another location, you might need it for a month or so. However, if your deployment date changes, you can change the terms of your contract.

Additionally, if you are about to retire from the military and move into a permanent home, you might just need housing while payment on your new home is in escrow. You, however, might not know how long before the bank releases your loan. Because of that, you need to stay flexible with how long you will be living in a certain area. Month-long leases are perfect for that.