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Choose Foxwood Corporate Apartments as your Military Home in San Diego

San Diego military housingMilitary housing just doesn’t get any better than this! If you’ve been looking for the perfect place to live in San Diego during your military stay, try Foxwood Corporate Apartments; we have the best location for the greatest value!

Our beautifully furnished off base military apartments are great for a temporary assignment or military training in San Diego, with a convenient location near the major freeways and San Diego’s bus and trolley system next door, you’ll never have to worry about being late to your military base. The 32nd Street Naval base and Coronado Island are just minutes away from your temporary apartment here at Foxwood.

Not only will you enjoy the wonderful location, our apartments are luxurious, spacious, and equipped with great views of San Diego. Our fully furnished apartments have been designer-decorated with upscale furniture, new appliances, and many amenities to ensure you fully enjoy your stay here in America’s Finest City. The full-size kitchen comes with all the kitchenware, cookware, dishware, and appliances that you will need to cook homemade meals comfortably. More housing essentials that are available during your military stay with Foxwood are the cable-ready TV and DVD player, quality bed linens, matching bedroom sets, fluffy bath towels, and weekly maid service.

But we saved the best for last! The best part about staying at Foxwood Corporate Apartments is the special military discount rate that we give to our serving military servicemen as a sincere thank you for serving our country. Other money-saving perks included are that utilities are paid and no deposit or lease agreement is necessary. I think it’s safe to say that your military home will save you money while you’re staying in San Diego!

At Foxwood Corporate Apartments, we want to make sure you love your military stay in San Diego. Contact us if you have any questions regarding amenities, special military rates, or our fast and easy application process. Choose Foxwood Corporate Apartments as your home away from home when you need a military home in America’s Finest City.

Another Day in Paradise with San Diego’s Foxwood Military Housing

With a comforting place to call home in San Diego, temporary military duty isn’t so bad here! Whether you’re traveling to San Diego for military assignments, training, or deployments, there is a wonderful, fully furnished military home waiting for you at Foxwood Apartments.

At Foxwood Apartments, we have 130 one- and two-bedroom military apartments that are ideal for military trips alone or with a family. Surrounded by 5 acres of beautiful greenbelt garden park, it’s hard to find a reason NOT to like our peaceful paradise! A relaxing oasis can be yours during a military assignment in San Diego.

In addition to relaxation, talk about convenience! Our military housing has an ideal location for commuting to the Naval bases and military areas of San Diego or sightseeing around downtown San Diego and West Coast beaches. With a location just minutes away from the 32nd Street Naval Base and Coronado Island, you’ll have the best of both worlds: an easy commute and better living conditions than the dreaded barracks!

At Foxwood Apartments, we also like to provide our special guests and stationed duty officers with everything they may need during their stay. Make sure you check out a full list of amenities that will be available to you during your stay in our one- and two-bedroom furnished military apartments.

In addition to many amenities, you’ll have nothing to worry about with our quick application procedure. With our fast and easy application process, you could be approved for your military accommodations in just a few days. On top of our speedy application procedures, we also offer our military guests a special discounted military rate as a thank you for serving our country. Please visit us online for more details about our Navy housing and military discount! We look forward to housing you in our special off base military housing during your military duty in San Diego.


Indulge in San Diego Military Housing You’ll truly Enjoy

Sometimes there’s no place like home. However, a stay at Foxwood Apartments is a close second. If you’ve been looking for military housing in the San Diego area, check out our military apartments fit to fulfill all your needs during your military assignment in San Diego.

Foxwood Apartments has a peaceful and relaxing environment that everyone will enjoy. Whether you’re single or staying with your family, Foxwood Apartments can accommodate any living situation. Our one- and two-bedroom military apartments are fully furnished with a multitude of amenities that will make your temporary military stay in San Diego feel like home. The beautiful ambiance and special attention to our military apartments creates the perfect living experience for military members.

Another added luxury of our military apartments at Foxwood is the unbelievable discount offered on our off base military housing! For just a fraction of the price, you can be living in So Cal paradise with Foxwood Apartments. Our discounted military rates are just another perk to the already fabulous layout of Foxwood Apartments.

With a convenient location, loads of amenities, and a military apartment to call home, Foxwood Corporate Apartments is dedicated to providing you with the best possible stay in San Diego. Check out our special military section of Foxwood Apartments for more information about our special military rates, convenient commutes to Naval bases, and so much more! We are honored to serve our special military forces just like they have served us so well. Thank you U.S. Military members! We look forward to your stay at Foxwood Apartments.

Off Base Navy Housing

Military Housing in Imperial Beach is the Best Choice for Living Off-Base

Living on-base has some advantages; you are close to everything you need, and you are near your friends and family. Living off-base has advantages as well. You have more options for apartments and houses. When you are trying to make the decision of living on- or off-base, you should consider a few things.

If you are stationed in the San Diego area, military housing in Imperial Beach should be incredibly attractive. The very best companies offer luxury apartments right at the beach. The small town is located right on the southernmost beach city in the United States. It is fourteen miles from downtown San Diego and five miles from downtown Tijuana, Mexico.

If you have a brief stay in San Diego before deploying elsewhere or going home for good, you might look into staying for a month or two in Imperial Beach.


If you are only going to be in southern California for a month or so, you might consider military housing off-base. Since you probably do not want to move all of your stuff from one place to the next when you are only staying for a few months, you can put your stuff in storage and stay off-base.

A fully-furnished apartment from the very best companies in southern California means that your apartment will come with a television, DVD player, and much more. Some companies only provide furniture for a fully-furnished apartment, but the best companies provide everything, including pots, pans, plates, silverware, linens, and bedsheets. Everything you need to live comfortably for a few months will be provided.

That means you can carry your clothes into your apartment and be ready to go. You can’t beat the five-minute move-in time.


When you are serving in the military, you deserve to have the finer things from time to time. Imperial Beach, California definitely qualifies as one of the finer things. There are over ninety golf courses in the San Diego area. The weather in southern California is pleasant almost year-round, and the beaches are usually not crowded. Miles and miles of white sand will be right outside your door.


Because military housing is only going to be temporary, you need it to be flexible. If you are about to ship to another location, you might need it for a month or so. However, if your deployment date changes, you can change the terms of your contract.

Additionally, if you are about to retire from the military and move into a permanent home, you might just need housing while payment on your new home is in escrow. You, however, might not know how long before the bank releases your loan. Because of that, you need to stay flexible with how long you will be living in a certain area. Month-long leases are perfect for that.

Surround Yourself with Nature’s Beauty at San Diego’s Foxwood Military Apartments

Military housing in San Diego is easy to find; but it’s difficult to get exactly what you want out of off base military accommodations here in San Diego. If you want to feel like you’re on vacation during your military duties in San Diego, there’s no place to compare with the tranquil escape of the resort-style military apartments at Foxwood Apartments.

Providing you with premium, off base military housing is something we take pride in and we hope you’ll enjoy these 3 great benefits to choosing Foxwood Apartments as your military home in San Diego.

Peaceful Ambiance

You’ll feel as if you’ve been whisked away to a resort-style vacation rental as opposed to military housing when you stay at Foxwood. Our military apartments are situated on 5 acres of luscious greenbelt garden park that’s blooming with elaborate gardens, manicured landscaping, and large shade trees. The peaceful ambiance makes your stay feel like a retreat, and the year-round heated pool and spa located in the center of our accommodations will ensure you relax and feel comfortable even when you’re far away from home.

Excellent Commute

If you’re concerned about getting to base on time, you’ll love the convenient location of Foxwood Military Apartments! We’re just minutes away from the 32nd Street Naval Base and Coronado Island, so you can rest assured you’ll always have enough time to get to work. Also, the I-805 and I-5 freeways are a few blocks away from Foxwood Apartments. Simply hop on the freeway and you’ll be in downtown San Diego in 10 minutes. For excellent commutes for work and play, you’ll love the easily accessible location of Foxwood Apartments.

Military Discount

Did we mention that our fully furnished one- and two-bedroom military apartments are available for a special discounted rate? To show our appreciation for our military men and women, we like to offer a military discount, visit our Military Packages online to see your special rate today!

For any questions about our accommodations or special military packages, please contact us! We would be happy to help you plan your military stay here in America’s Finest City.